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How to remove apps from Amazon Kindle Fire

There are too many times I have downloaded and installed apps on my Kindle Fire that I simply do not use. The volume and availability of apps in the world make it easy to flood your Kindle Fire with too much data. This can clog up the memory and data on your Kindle Fire, causing other apps to go slow or crash. It can cause books to load slowly. I ran into a problem where my Kindle Fire would not bookmark. The remedy? I had to delete some apps and free up space.

Imagine your Kindle Fire like a mini-computer. If you have too much going on at one time with a computer, it slows down the process. If I have my Kindle Fire up, and I’m reading a book, all of the apps I have on my Kindle Fire are running in the background. This allows the apps on the Kindle Fire to readily start up and get moving for your use. However, like a computer, if you have too many apps on your Kindle Fire, it can slow everything down.

Another reason to remove an app from Kindle is simply non-usage. I had several apps on my Kindle Fire that I was not using. Why did I have them? Did I need them? At one time, I probably needed them. However, things change. Life changes. We move on, and apps may not become relevant after a period of time. For instance, I had a budgeting app on my Kindle Fire. It had information in it that was six months old. Obviously, this information was no longer relevant. I had to delete the app.

If you have children that use your Kindle Fire, you may find you have apps that you weren’t expecting. I had a ton of games installed on my Kindle Fire. I didn’t install them, however. My kids borrowed my Kindle Fire and downloaded a bunch of games. These took up a large portion of memory on my Kindle Fire, and I had to delete the app from Kindle.

How to remove apps directly from the Amazon Kindle devices

The first way is to go to the home screen on your Kindle. If you tap the Apps tab, you will be taken to a different screen.  At the top, there are two options: device and cloud.  Selecting device will bring up the library of apps on the device. I tap and hold the app until I see a menu. The menu gives me two options: Add to Favorites or Remove From Device. I select Remove From Device. This will bring me to a new screen verifying that I want to delete the app from my Kindle Fire. Clicking OK at the bottom of the screen will complete the process of removing the selected app.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Navigate to the home screen
  2. Tap the Apps tab on the home screen
  3. Tap the Device tab
  4. Tap and hold the app you want to remove
  5. Tap on Remove from device

How to remove apps from Amazon Fire HD 6 and Higher

Step by step instructions:

  1. Navigate to the home screen
  2. Open Settings
  3. Select Apps & Games
  4. Select Manage All Applications
  5. Swipe to the right to show all apps.
  6. Select and hold the app you wish to remove, then select Uninstall

How to remove apps from older Amazon Fire Devices

  1. Navigate to the home screen
  2. Tap the settings gear on the Home screen, then tap More
  3. Tap Applications
  4. Set the filter to All Applications, then tap and hold the app you wish to uninstall
  5. Tap Uninstall

Note: There are some instances where, if you have the apps added to your Favorites, you will have to remove the app from the home screen before using the above process to remove the app from the device. This method works for apps that you installed but in most cases not the pre-installed apps that came on the device.

If you don’t have the option to Uninstall, the app is likely a part of the ROM of the device and cannot be removed.

How to Uninstall Apps from Kindle Devices using the Amazon Cloud

If this first method does not work, don’t fret. There is another way to remove the app from Kindle. On the home screen, select the option More. It will have a plus sign above the word. This will pull up the Settings screen. Tap on Applications. You can filter applications here by what is running, third party, and all applications. Select all applications so you can easily find the application to uninstall. Scroll down the list of applications and highlight the application you want to remove. The next screen gives you information on the application such as the version, the uninstall button or force stop. Chose the uninstall button. Like the first method, a box will verify that you want to delete the app.

If these two options do not work, I can choose a dramatic and potentially damaging way of removing an app. This involves restoring Kindle to its factory default settings. The problem this presents is that it will remove all apps from the device. This is where thank the makers of the Cloud! All of your apps are stored in the Cloud, so you will be able to download them from the Cloud once your system has been manually reset.

Why is the option to uninstall apps on Kindle Fire grayed out?

Some apps come pre-installed on the Kindle Fire and cannot be removed under normal operation. If you are willing to go the extra mile and “root” your deivice you may be able to remove those apps too.

In summary, there are two options for removing apps from the Kindle Fire without having to do a factory reset. The first is an easier, seamless method that involves removing the app from the home screen. The second is using the amazon cloud to remove the app. Good luck with removing the apps you need to and just remember, in the event, you delete something you didn’t mean to delete, you can find it in the Cloud and download it to your Kindle again.

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