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How To remove apps from Apple iOS Devices

What to know about removing apps from your iPhone, iPad and iOS devices

If you are the owner of an iPhone, iPad or run iOS on these devices, then it’s likely you have a list of apps you want to remove. These are those applications that either came with the phone or you personally installed them. Either way, we all get a bit bored with some apps we’ve downloaded since buying the phone and never use them. They sit there taking up needed space for other applications we could actually use. For most Apple products, it’s a simple touch of the application button and holding it until another small window appears. This gives us the option of hitting an x to make the app disappear for good and our iOS device now has extra space.

How to remove apps from iPhones

To remove an app from the iPhone, the instructions are pretty straight forward. First, find the application on your phone you want to delete. Press your finger on the app’s icon and it will begin to move up and down like it is shaking. If it doesn’t move at all. then you are either not pressing hard enough or it’s an app that’s can be removed. It could be an essential part of the phone’s inner operating system. When it does start to shake, you’ll see a small “x” which means you can tap it and the application will be deleted. For iPhone X and models beyond, you will see the word “done.” For those with later models, you can press on the Home button. Never think you can’t reload an app as it is possible to do so. You might want to delete an application for now because it’s taking up so much space your phone is running slow. Apple has an App Store that has thousands of applications you can download at any time you please.

How to remove apps from iPads

When you want to remove an app from iPad devices it’s basically the same easy process as the iPhone with a few different steps. With your iPad turned on, you head to the settings menu. Once there, tap on general so this can bring you to the list of applications stored on your phone. You will have to take the time to scroll up and down to find the app you want to remove. We can all admit that when we see the various apps on our devices it can be hard to make the decision of which apps need to go. Our apps help us complete work faster or give us vital information. You have to be selective about what you want to delete. Once you’ve made this decision, tap on the app you need to remove, then tap the delete button. It will ask you to confirm this action to make sure you are really wanting to go through with this action. Tap delete and the app will permanently be gone from your iPad.

The other way to remove apps from your iPad is to use the Home screen. Search the screen to find the app to delete. You will need to tap and hold on to the app’s icon where a tiny x will appear. Tap on the “x” to begin the deleting process. It opens a dialog box informing you that when the application is deleted you will lose all of the data that goes with the application. Often this can stop us in our tracks and we hesitate to go on. Many of us don’t realize that all of your game or app data will be lost. If you want to download the application again, you will have to start from the beginning. This can be a daunting thought if you’ve used the app for months to build up a lot of data. It’s good to be aware that all data goes with the deletion of any application.

How to remove apps from iOS

For those using iOS 13 on their iPads or iPhones, there is a way to delete apps directly from the Apple store. You could be trying to update or add an application to your device. To remove apps from iOS on your devices simply swipe left on any visible application to reveal the delete button. This is one of the fastest ways to get rid of apps that are clogging up your device. You can conveniently see your entire list and move down with a swipe left to make them disappear. Depending on which device you are using go to the Apple store found in the corner of your screen. Tap on your profile picture as it’s shown. This allows you to look at all updated apps within the last hour or a few days. Take the time to scroll through the list and swipe left to get the delete button that’s red. Delete at your leisure the apps you want to remove.

We love to use our applications no matter if it’s on our iPhone, iPads or devices using iOS. These apps stay with us for a long time as we continue to use them in our daily lives. You might be an avid game player who loves putting words together on your break time from work. On the other hand, you’ve become extremely dependent on one particular app that’s cutting your work time in half. Whatever the case, it’s a hard decision to let them go.

For those with the iPhone, you can find the app’s icon button on the initial screen. Hold the button until it begins moving and press the “x” to delete. The iPad instructions are similar, but you can use a different path. Use the settings then select general which brings you to all apps installed on your iPad. Pick the application you want to delete. Hold the button and the same x will appear, but it will inform you with an additional window stating that all data associated with the app will be lost. Apps on any device running the iOS software can also be deleted by using the Apple Store. Tap your profile to see all apps, then swipe left to remove the ones you want.

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