WordBrain Mobile App Review

Word lovers will thoroughly enjoy a game that keeps them guessing at every turn. This is an intriguing and challenging word search puzzles game. Like most, it starts out very easy and gets progressively more difficult, and then before you know it, your brain is sorely tested.






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Word Lovers Enjoy WordBrain

If you are a word star, a brainiac or a genius, I challenge you to attempt this game. When you download WordBrain, you will find this is one addicting game. Thoroughly so much fun, you will be shocked by how much time passes, You begin with a game grid filled with letters. There is no certain order, the letters are all scrambled. Thus begins your task. As you begin, you are given a hint, you must use a finger to swipe and drag the letters to the correct position in the word. If you have guessed correctly, those letters will leave the board.

Do you think you are smart enough to get each word the first time? When you can clear all the letters from that grid, you win that puzzle and move on. Once you complete all the puzzles in that level, you win the level. Do not be fooled, all levels will have a solution, it just may take more time to figure it out. Also, keep in mind that each level may have one word or there may be many more. There may be many words that fit the number of letters needed, so think carefully before you jump too fast. The brain on your device screen grows bigger as you guess the correct words. Special events can happen throughout the year. Challenge Brainy to beat him at his own game.


  • There are so many features in this game, it is hard to mention them all. These are some of the features I believe you will love:
  • There are more than 10 languages available in WordBrain.
  • The game has virtually thousands of words, with no duplications.
  • Special game boards for holidays or other special days.
  • Fantastic color and graphics
  • Increasing levels of difficulty

Pros and Cons


  • There are so many levels, it is hard to put down.
  • You earn hints when you complete levels.
  • There is no duplication of words.


  • Frustrating gameplay at times.
  • Dragging the letters to the correct position instead of clicking.

If you enjoy word search puzzles games, this is the one must-have app for you. Go ahead, download WordBrain, I dare you. This is a challenge for all who want to keep their brain working at top performance, and also those who love word puzzles in general. This is not your ordinary word puzzle.


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