Word Swipe Mobile App Review

The word swipe app is a fairly simple word play app. Once download word swipe and load it up on your phone, you will be lead to the main screen where you swipe the word, 'play' to begin swiping and matching words. Word swipe loads fairly quickly unlike a lot of more hardware intensive games. It also plays fairly smoothly so you won't have to worry about having much more additional space besides the initial memory that is needed to play the game.

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Mobile App Review for Word Swipe

To start out with, word swipe will have you completing fairly simple wordplay puzzles. When you begin matching words, a tiled hint about what you will be matching will span on the screen briefly and can be missed if you aren’t paying attention.

Each word swipe puzzle that you are to complete is unique to itself. This not only gives that game variety but allows you to use more of your mental power when matching weirds which can be good for exercising your brain. Completing puzzles results in rewards with a tally that will fill up a bar. Once the bar is full, you will be gifted coins that you can use to unlock themes for your gameplay.

Themes are basically different backgrounds that will be displayed as you are swiping words.

One other feature they have on the home page includes a daily puzzle. Although you can only access this daily puzzle once you get to level 30 and beyond.

On the home page, there isn’t much more but it looks as though Word swipe will be adding more soon as there is a ‘coming soon’ panel on the home page. This is prone to change due to it being a fairly new app on Android and IOS.

Word Swipe App Features

  • Easy swipe feature where you will begin matching words
  • Solve daily puzzles for points after completing level 30
  • There is a coin store where you can purchase themes to display in the background of each word swipe puzzle game
  • The option to turn on/off music and sounds through settings


  • Fairly easy to navigate menus and play
  • The user interface is clean which makes for a better gaming experience
  • There is a more coming soon tab which signals there will be more in-game content to look forward to


  • There is not a lot to offer as far as in-game content besides word swiping and themes
  • Although the user interface is clean, the overall experience may seem lacking as far as word swipe being able to offer extra content in exchange for the coins they give you upon completing a level.

Word Swipe App Summary

Word swipe is a simple but engaging game for people who may want to exercise their brains by matching words with a simple swift finger movement. It’s the perfect game for people who have a little extra time and want to challenge themselves with some wordplay. Although the words start out simple, it becomes more challenging as you move along making word swipe addictive and engaging. To download word swipe today, all you need is 51 megabytes of space on your phone to begin swiping and matching words while exercising your brainpower.


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