SCRABBLE Mobile App Review

Family game nights have become few and far in between in recent years because of changes in the family dynamic. We are all busy and running from one location to the next. Just because people no longer take the time to sit and play board games with one another does not necessarily mean that they no longer desire to actually do this. There just had to be a way that we could bring people together to have fun without interfering in their lives and increasingly busy schedules.






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Scrabble Mobile App Review

Scrabble sprang into existence in 1947 and expanded the world of board games. Although simple in concept, it brought hours upon hours of gaming. The Scrabble mobile app has expanded that idea even further. It brings game-word-play to the fingertips of the busy and bored alike. Downloading scrabble brings together people from all across the entire world, several social media websites, as well as people who know each other intimately and it does it on your own time.

There is no longer a need to sit and take hours out of your day or night sitting at a table face-to-face with a friend, you can merely pull out your phone on a break at work, while sitting in traffic, or on long commutes where you have a little downtime. You can also play this addicting word game while in the tub, during a boring movie, or on an awkward blind date. The overall idea is that this application creates a little time for you to unwind in spurts just by opening the app and playing your turn.

Features of the App

  • Facebook Friend Challenge
  • Solo Play
  • Download size of 161.5MB
  • Can play in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • In-App Purchases


  • The game will pair you with someone else looking for a game to play
  • You have the choice to start a solo game which is similar to playing against the computer
  • Increase your score by using the teacher option
  • Post your success and skills on social media websites


  • Your opponents play at their own speed, and you have to wait at times
  • Consider in-app purchases to be higher than other applications
  • Because opponents continuously add duplicate games, the requests can be overwhelming

I find myself opening the application at random times and playing my turns against formidable opponents, but I also make time to open the app in the morning before I jump out of bed in order to get my mind going for the day. I, then, open the app at the end of the night to wind down and get me prepared for a restful night’s sleep. Downloading the Scrabble mobile app can prove to be a great find especially because it is still being offered for free. It is the most similar to the original game and does outshine the imitators.


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