Infinite Word Search Puzzles Mobile App Review

If you enjoy free word search puzzles, then you will enjoy the infinite word search puzzles app. This is a fun, addicting game that can test your mind on a daily basis. The object is simple, locate the hidden words within the puzzle. Play alone, with friends or a random person, see if you come out on top.

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The Hidden Truths About Infinite Word Search Puzzles

I doubt if there is anyone alive that has not played free word search puzzles. They have been around forever, but, NOT like this app! This app gives you more, for less, since there are over 130 categories and each one has its own multiple levels of difficulty to conquer. The rules are simple, there are words hidden throughout the puzzle. When you spot one of the words in the list, highlight that word with your finger and it is automatically marked as found. The words can be hidden in any direction, forward, backward, horizontal and vertical.

There are different modes in the infinite word search puzzles app. In progressive mode, each level comes with a higher degree of difficulty, however, in the infinite mode, you play each puzzle at your own pace. The infinite mode also includes a multiplayer game and leaderboard. Quick match is a mode that brings thrills as well as chills. In the quick match, you can jump into a game immediately and play against a random player. The race is then on. You want to be the player who finds the most hidden words.

No Hidden Features Here

With so many categories, the puzzles seem to last forever. The game is so easy to play, anyone can look for and find the words. The features are included and not hidden from view. Some of these are:

  • Over 130 categories
  • Three game modes
  • Progressively more difficult
  • Quick Match games
  • Leaderboards

When playing multiplayer mode and signed in through FaceBook, you can participate in the multiplayer leaderboard. This is the app where you can challenge yourself to do better each game, or challenge friends or family in order to play a fun and brain testing game or two.

The Pros and Cons


  • Loads of levels
  • Over 10,000 words
  • Increasing difficulty with each level


  • No daily challenges or tournaments

It is difficult to find the perfect game to play, especially one that keeps you thinking and gives you the desire to return to the game each day. Well, as the saying goes, you can’t have it all. I call that wrong. When you play free word search puzzles on the infinite word search puzzles app, you do have basically everything. There is fun, family, friends, words and more words. Work your brain each day, have an extra dose of fun. Just play, play and play some more.


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