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Nothing tests your lateral thinking skills quite like an expertly crafted crossword puzzle. Often featured in the Sunday edition of newspapers around the world, free crossword puzzles are a favorite of die-hard puzzle aficionados and dilettantes alike. It's the type of verbal memory challenge that can be frustrating and exhilarating all at once.

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Is This The World’s Most Complete Mobile Crossword Software?

The free crossword puzzles app from Redstone Games is one of the world’s most popular mobile crossword apps. The software, Free Crosswords, has more than 65,000 reviews on the Google Play Store alone. Users across the globe praise Free Crossword for its wide variety of features and friendly interface. You can download Free Crosswords for both Android and iOS without paying anything to start.


  • Get Hints To Help You Through The Game – It can definitely be frustrating to have the answer to a crossword puzzle sitting on the tip of your tongue. To help you get through even the toughest puzzles, the app offers voluntary hints that you can access as you wish. For example, you can ask the app whether an answer consists of one word or two. You can also ask the app to offer clues and suggested phrases to help you jog your memory.
  • No WiFi Needed – Unlike other crossword game apps, Free Crosswords features amazing offline functionality. Even if you don’t have an active internet connection, you can still fire up a quick game.
  • Letter Locking – Rather than having to erase all of the letters in your guess when you don’t have the right word, you can simply keep the correct letters in place and work on figuring out the rest. There’s no need to keep deleting and re-entering the same few letters over and over again until you get the word right.


  • There are a lot of free crossword puzzles to try in this app.
  • You can select from more than one difficulty level. It’s easy to find a challenging puzzle that isn’t so hard that it makes you want to give up.
  • Being able to ask the app for help in the middle of the game definitely makes for a more pleasurable crossword experience. You can always get a hint if you are stuck.
  • The fact that this app has full functionality without an internet connection makes it incredibly easy to use. Even when you’re flying, you can enjoy this mobile crossword game app.


  • This crossword app can be heavy on your mobile device’s battery power. You need to make sure that you have a full charge before playing. If you are trying to squeeze in a quick game when you don’t have much battery life left, your entire device may end up shutting down.
  • This app uses third-party advertising to help keep parts of the app free. You may find these ads intrusive or irrelevant.
  • At least one user has reported that the app triggered his mobile antivirus software. This may be due to the large amount of battery power that the app tends to burn through.

Should You Download Free Crosswords?

Using this app is a great way to spend a morning commute or pass the time on a Sunday morning. The wide variety of crossword puzzles included in the game gives you no shortage of ways to challenge yourself. Whether you are just starting out with crossword apps or you have used them before, deciding to download Free Crossword is an excellent choice.


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