Alphabear: Words Across Time Mobile App Review

The Alphabear app is an excellent game for children developing their reading and writing skills but also for anyone looking to pass the time with an incredibly well designed word scramble game. Indeed, the game is entertaining and the concept is unique when compared to similar apps.






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Alphabear: Words Across Time – An In-Depth Review

This game is highly educational for young children, and because of this, they’re the target demographic. The Alphabear app does a wonderful job in terms of keeping attention as well as making learning interesting for all types of kids. Users are able to collect bears throughout their word-making journey and customize them along the way. The number of bears and their unique personalities keeps players engaged for up to hours at a time and the game does not give up its educational qualities in the process.

Thousands of users have already downloaded the app and enjoyed the experience. It comes highly recommended by parents and, of course, their children. Given the sheer number of levels and characters involved, the game will likely be playable for a very long time, and best of all, it’s totally free to play. Few games are able to make the experience of learning English quite so fun and it will increase in popularity with time. You should consider jumping on the bandwagon now and watch as this game proves to be the best amongst its many competitors.

Features of the App

  • Free to play base game with the option of a VIP subscription for $4.99/month.
  • Countless levels and modes in order to keep the game interesting for hours.
  • Over 100 unique bears for users to collect throughout their adventures.
  • Story mode allows you to explore different maps and areas.
  • Character customization with many options of clothing and accessories for each bear.


  • Excellent for any children looking to expand their knowledge of the English language.
  • The base game is free to play and there’s also an optional, more immersive subscription service.
  • The game is wonderful at catching attention for hours of play at a time.
  • The numerous levels, modes, characters, as well as customization options make everything consistently unique and interesting.


  • The game is targeted toward children and adults would have a much more difficult time immersing themselves into the world.
  • The base game does not have all of the additions that come with the subscription. The payment is also monthly rather than a one-time deal like many other App Store games.

Anyone with children learning currently developing their English language skills should download Alphabear words across time. It offers enough diverse characters and modes that it will likely never grow old and it is a great addition to the Alphabears series. If you decide to download Alphabear words across time, you will without a doubt love the fresh feel and easy to use interface and the game uses these assets to make the learning experience so much more fun. Enjoy the learning and cute characters that fill this world!


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