Trivia Crack Mobile App Review

Trivia games on mobile can be fun and addicting, and Trivia Crack claims to be no exception. With friendly and colorful character guides, this mobile trivia app was designed for all ages.

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Test Your Smarts With This Mobile Trivia Application

From beginners to experienced trivia buffs, the app features several gameplay modes and difficulty settings to ensure the playing field remains level. Questions are chosen at random from six different categories, and the app is made for international trivia games and competition.

Available for both Apple and Android mobile devices, it’s simple and fast to download Trivia Crack from any of the major app stores online.

Trivia Gameplay Features

  • International Trivia Competition In Over 20 Different Languages –The app comes with many different languages, and the multiplayer modes are designed to be used on every continent.
  • Spin The Question Wheel Six Different Trivia Categories –Spinning the Question Wheel decides which trivia category comes up next. Sections of the wheel include Sports Trivia, Celebrity & Entertainment Trivia, and questions on World History & Geography.
  • Instant Feedback On Every Answer –The app gives instant feedback on the multiple-choice answers as soon as they are selected.
  • Unlock Different Characters In The App –Trivia Crack features a unique gameplay structure when it comes to unlocking different characters and challenging other users. Every user is able to earn a character by answering questions correctly, and users can challenge each other to steal characters from one another in head-to-head trivia battles. There are six characters in total to earn, and each one symbolizes one of the categories on the Question Wheel.


  • The huge library of trivia questions provides endless variety for even the most seasoned trivia pros.
  • Questions range in difficulty from easy to very hard. This means that a lot of people can enjoy the app together.
  • There are lots of gameplay modes to choose from.
  • The live chat features make it fun to talk with other users.
  • This trivia app has a very smooth user interface. I’ve found myself liking the design on more than one occasion.
  • It’s fun to create my own questions on subjects that I know more about than others. This gives me an edge in the game when I’m playing with my friends.
  • International competition is always a plus.
  • Multiple-choice buttons make it easy to answer questions fast.


  • The Privacy Policy on this app can definitely feel a bit nosy. This can be a big turn-off for users who are especially concerned about mobile security.
  • There have been multiple reports of crashes and operating system issues on some of the older smartphone models. In addition, these same users have reported that the app tends to freeze at seemingly random times.
  • The interface is smooth and helpful, but the graphics and colors feel a bit basic. This is definitely an app for those who are looking to focus purely on trivia.

My Closing Thoughts On This App

It’s quite simple to download Trivia Crack and give it a try on any popular mobile device. With a wide variety of questions and lots of multiplayer interaction, I’ve found a lot of use for the app since my download. With that said, this mobile trivia app will definitely need some of the modern mobile hardware installed to run as smooth as it should.


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