The Impossible Quiz Mobile App Review

When most people think of mobile quiz games, they think of fact-based trivia. The Impossible Quiz app stands out from more vanilla games, to say the least. Centered around puzzles that challenge you to think outside of the box instead of reciting rote facts, The Impossible Quiz is a unique type of challenge. This quiz app's library of questions contain everything from spatial brainteasers to challenging algebra puzzles, and the app is definitely a serious challenge. Test your brain's ability to handle a wide variety of different puzzle types, and progress from easy puzzles to nearly impossible as fast as you can.

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Tricky Quiz Puzzles For Your Mobile Device

You can download The Impossible Quiz on either Android or iOS, and you can play this game on either your smartphone or your tablet. The Leaderboard feature provides a fun and extra challenge. Compete for intellectual bragging rights against your friends and others in order to see who is the master puzzle-solver in the group.


  • Real-Time Leaderboard – Compare your puzzle-solving against the app’s man users, or challenge your friend to a game.
  • Lateral Thinking Puzzles – This Impossible Quiz app features the types of challenging questions that you will find on the world’s hardest IQ tests. Challenge yourself with a mind-expanding experience.
  • Extensive Quiz Library – More than 75 Impossible Quiz app brainteasers and puzzles are waiting for you inside of the app.
  • Checkpoint Progressions – Unlike quiz apps that just have a random collection of both easy and hard questions, The Ultimate Quiz is a level-based game. The more puzzles that you solve, the harder they get. Each checkpoint gives you three lives, and each wrong answer takes one life away. Save your progress by completing checkpoints as you play.
  • Free Download – The app is completely free in every way, shape, manner, and form. There is no fee to download The Impossible Quiz, and there is no fee to play. Choose your level of challenge without having to pay a penny. The options are up to you.


  • The questions in this quiz app are quite unique. There’s also a reason that the app describes itself as impossible, and you definitely have your work cut out for you if you want to beat this game.
  • This app’s interface is simple and quite easy to follow along with. It should be no problem for you to figure out how to use the app.


  • You may find some of the more difficult questions to be overwhelming or discouraging. The library of questions and brainteasers is meant to stump even some of the smartest people in the world, and they are no walk in the park.
  • Competing against your friends is always fun, but sometimes games like this can get a little more competitive than everybody in the group is comfortable with. If one person in your circle is not particularly adept at solving puzzles, they may feel left behind.
  • The app is meant to work on both older and newer mobile devices, so the graphics are pretty basic. You may find that it feels like this app was built for an 8-bit video game console.

The Quiz App In Summary

Quiz apps are a dime a dozen on mobile these days, but The Impossible Quiz app is different. With a tricky series of challenging puzzles to stump even the most series of intellects, choosing to download the Impossible Quiz is definitely a smart decision.


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