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You see the advertising for different products every day. When you are watching television, taking a walk through town, or even driving through the cities. Without thinking about it, these brands and logos become stuck in your head. You come to know products by their logo, slogan or name, whether you buy the products or not.

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Guess The Logo Quiz

This game is filled with everyday product logos from all over the world. Many you will know, many you probably will not know. Do not let yourself get frustrated though. Each player does receive twelve free hints every fifteen minutes, and you get to use five per logo if you need them. If you find you are still stuck on one logo, you have the ability to ask a friend by sharing on Facebook or other media. These are products that advertise in magazines, on billboards, and in newspapers. They are seen by millions, so it is likely if you do not know the brand, one of your friends will be able to tell you.

Logo Quiz is a free, fun and challenging game. Inside the app, you will find over 3,000 logos offered, There is a new puzzle each day in the Daily Challenge. With the Daily Challenge, when you succeed in guessing correctly, you will earn points and additional hints to use in normal play. The basics of the game are simple, all you do is swipe the screen with your finger to get to the next logo. Statistics about your gameplay are always changing. You can compare with your friends or family to see who knows more.

The Features

  • Free hints every fifteen minutes
  • Daily challenges with new puzzles
  • Over 50 levels available
  • 15 languages supported
  • When you guess correctly, the brands reveal themselves

With so many offers of good features, there is no reason to not be playing. It is a handy way to learn new logos, have fun while learning, and relax when playing. This is the app that allows all of that for you, as a player.

Pros and Cons


  • Plenty of hints for you to use daily
  • Thousands of logos, no doubles
  • The knowledge that everybody has


  • Some of the logos are area-specific

Now it is time to download the logo quiz and then prove your sibling wrong by showing that you are the smart one. Playing the logo quiz guess the brand game, in a sense, also helps with brain exercises. It helps with reasoning skills, memory and also much more. Subconsciously, you will surprise yourself. It will be one of those circumstances that you realize you definitely know more about brands and logos than you thought you did. Give it a try, download Logo Quiz today and find out for yourself.


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