Jeopardy! World Tour Mobile App Review

The Jeopardy World Tour app is an excellent game for anyone who has always enjoyed spending their evenings watching Jeopardy on the television. When you download Jeopardy, it will just as if you were sitting on the show yourself awaiting your prize for being the most brilliant quick-acting mind on the show. The app is mind-boggling and designed to keep you content for hours on end while keeping your mind sharp and ready to act.

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Mobile App Review for Jeopardy! World Tour

The Jeopardy World Tour app allows you to tour the world with Alex Trebek as you test your knowledge in the world of Jeopardy. As you progress in the game you will start to unlock new countries in which you will travel to and fight for the top spot to receive the best rewards. In the game, you can unlock power-ups that will help you boost your skills and keep your spot as the best player.

To double your score when you download Jeopardy World Tour you can play the daily double and final Jeopardy in hopes to increase your points! To make this mobile version of Jeopardy even better, you can connect the app to your social media where you can compete against your friends and family while you all fight for the top spot. By creating a profile, you can share your progress with other players while looking at theirs to see if they match your skillset enough to challenge them in a good old fashioned game of Jeopardy.


  • Earn and unlock powerups in order to help you win the top spot.
  • Play with your friends and family through social media.
  • Unlock new countries to travel to.


  • Multi-player version available.
  • Play this trivia game in the offline mode!
  • Double your score with the daily double or final Jeopardy.


  • Advertising will not stop until an in-app purchase is made.
  • In order to travel to other countries, you must remain in the top spot.

Jump Into the World of Jeopardy With Alex Trebek!

If you love Alex Trebek and the mind-boggling game of Jeopardy, then you’ll love this app. If you find yourself having a hard time enjoy the single-player version of the game, there’s always multiplayer mode. Challenge your friends and family for bragging rights of who’s the smartest. To keep the game even more exciting, you are able to unlock different countries. As a result, you and Alex Trebek can travel the world together while keeping your Jeopardy skills sharp. This is an excellent game for anyone looking to play one of the most famous game shows on television.


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