HQ - Trivia & Words Mobile App Review

HQ Trivia & Words is a game show app where you can win real money by playing for free. This is a very popular live gaming app. The host will ask a number a questions starting from easy to hard, and the people who make it to the end will either take all or split the cash prize.

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HQ Trivia Mobile App

Once you download HQ Trivia & Words, you will create a profile to get started. This app allows you to turn on push notification, so you are always alerted when there is a game. With these notifications you will never miss a scheduled challenge, nor will you miss a random pop up game. You also have the ability to invite friends to play alongside with you. If they use your link to sign up, you will earn extra lives for your next game. This app often has celebrity guest speakers, such as the Rock and Kenan Thompson.

HQ Trivia has recently updated its app, and it has added power-ups other than just lives. They have added erasers, which eliminates one wrong answer during a question. They have also added super spins, which are used to get more letters and special power-ups in the HQ world. You can get these by sharing your promo code. There is an HQ Shop that gives you the opportunity to exchange extra lives and erasers for coins. If you haven’t earned any coins you can buy them for $4.99, which will get you 500 coins, all the way up to $64.99 for 15,000 coins.

Features of this App

  • Extra Lives, Erasers, & Super Spins (Power Ups)
  • HQ Shop
  • Daily Challenge, Season Challenge, HQ Sports, HQ Trivia
  • HQ Words & HQ Tunes (Subscription)
  • Leader Board for Current Weeks and All Time
  • Push App Notifications
  • Celebrity Guest Hosts


  • Ability to Buy Power-Ups in Shop
  • Multiple Versions & Ways to Play HQ
  • Celebrity Hosts
  • Push App Notifications
  • Power Ups
  • Keeping Up With All-Time Leaders
  • Fun & Exciting


  • Too Many Ads
  • Not Getting Enough Coins for Daily Challenges
  • Glitches During Live Game
  • Host Sometimes Make You Feel Uncomfortable
  • Unable to Cash Out when Desired
  • Technical Issues
  • Times of Some Games & Challenges
  • Very Hard to Win


As you can see, once you start playing this game it gets very addicting and hard to stop. I would recommend you download HQ Trivia & Words if you like online games that make you think fast on your feet. You get 10 seconds to answer each of the questions, whether you’re playing the daily challenge, season challenge, HQ Sports, Trivia, HQ Words, or HQ Tunes. The HQ Words and Tunes are both subscriptions that you have to join in order to play, but the winning prizes for these games are well worth it.


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