The Battle of Polytopia Mobile App Review

Empires rise and fall. Such is the way of the world. Set in the fantastical universe of Polyland, the object of The Battle Of Polytopia is to use thoughtful military strategy to expand your civilization beyond reproach. You must train your workers to gather resources, train your farmers to produce enough crops to feed your population and train your miners to harvest enough minerals to build weapons for your people. As you can imagine, however, other tribes in the area have similar ambitions.

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Expand Your Empire To Win The Battle Of Polytopia

Can you take over their land before they can take over yours?

Not to be confused with the typical milieu of mindless mobile war games, this is an intellectual strategy app designed to stretch your brain as you do battle. As you seek to grow your empire, you must plan for everything. Your clan starts small and rapidly grows in size, so you must manage your people as much as you must manage your relations with rival tribes across the way.

You can download The Battle Of Polytopia from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today.


  • Exciting Block Animations – As its name suggests, Polyland is an engaging world of block structures and sharp edges. The game has a unique graphics engine, and you don’t need to worry about complicated color schemes crashing your system or overloading your memory.
  • Real-Time Strategy Challenges – Running a civilization takes a lot of work, and it also takes a lot of forethought and strategic planning. To ensure the success of your empire, you must manage your tribe’s workers, farmers, and warriors. Keep everybody’s morale high, and don’t let corruption sink the ship.


  • The app has an innovative gameplay engine where you take turns against the computer and other players in sequence. Nonetheless, the action is pretty fast-paced and exciting.
  • It’s a lot of fun to watch your clan grow from a tiny collection of citizens to a full-fledged civilization. There’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering this game.
  • The gameplay engine lets you make a lot of decisions on how to build your city. For example, you have to decide whether to build more structures, train more warriors to protect your outer limits, or invest in various forms of technology. Overall, this app gives you a very accurate sense of what it’s like to run a real city.
  • You can invest your resources in research to build new technologies that help you later in the game. For example, you can invest in medical technologies to help your troops heal in future battles.
  • When you encounter another tribe or clan on the map, you can choose to either join forces with them or wage war against them and take over their resources. These choices make for some interesting situations.
  • As you scale your base of resources to higher and higher levels, you have to increase your spending in proportion. This makes the gameplay incredibly authentic.


  • The multiplayer mode is kind of clumsy. In order to play with another player, you have to go to an internet forum, get the user’s identification code, and then enter that code back into the app. You may find this to be a pretty big headache.


When you download The Battle Of Polytopia, you can really put your strategic thinking skills to the test. You have to plan ahead, and you have to make crucial decisions at every turn. There’s a distinct sense of mastery that comes with achieving the highest levels of skill in this game.


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