Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD Mobile App Review

The evil invaders are storming your castle. Your structures are under attack. Do you have what it takes to successfully defend your tower from these malicious marauders? Do you know how to properly defend your territory and re-establish peace in your village?

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Defend All Four Of Your Towers In This Classic Combat Strategy Game

Welcome to Realm Defense, where gangs of rival creatures are constantly trying to take over your land. It’s your job to eliminate them for good.

As you take on these evil armies of cruel and malicious creatures, you need to plan your strategy carefully. A single vulnerability in your battle plan can be the difference between successively fending off your most challenging adversaries and having your towers taken over, so make sure to watch your step.

This tower defense game is available for download on both the iOS and Android operating systems, and you can install the game from your favorite app store today.


  • Battle Through More Than 300 Fantasy Worlds To Protect Your Tribe And Restore Order – Defend your castle in more than 300 different realms and worlds. Build your perfect defense to successfully guard against invaders as they try to take over all four of your towers. Enlist unique characters to help you keep your people safe. Team up with Lancelot the Knight to make your opponents feel the mighty Fist of Justice, and join forces with Fee the Archer to give your enemies his signature Kill Shot.
  • Supernatural Enemies – Battle against maniacal opponents, including Skeleton Mage and the evil Goblin King. Watch out for Goblin King’s pet mammoth, though, as this beast constantly tries to trample you to death.
  • Epic Environments – Protect your towers across secret woodland forests, snow-capped hills, and arid deserts as you call on all of your powers and strategic might to vanquish your mortal enemies. Be quick with your bow, though, because your opponents are very crafty. One false move means they can easily take over your fort.


  • This Hero Legends TD game has an amazing number of levels. There are a lot of environments to use for combat, and you never see the same type of level twice. This app gives you Hero Legends TD strategy as it should be.
  • The different level bosses provide a healthy challenge. If you are an experienced gamer, you don’t need to worry about whether or not this game is too easy.
  • There are all kinds of enemies to play against. From crazy zombies to maniacal ghosts and warlords, this game gives you a variety of different challenges.


  • Even though it’s free to download Realm Defense, you basically have to pay to keep playing the entire game. You can play the first few levels for free. However, the rest of the game requires you to either pay a few dollars or spend time earning points to purchase more levels. If you don’t want to spend hours doing tasks in the game instead of paying, you can also compete in some of the multiplayer leagues to earn more levels that way.


This is an elaborate strategy game with an engaging variety of characters, rich fantasy worlds to do battle in, and also smooth gameplay settings. Whether or not you decide to download Realm Defense is up to you, but this game is fantastic nonetheless.


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