Lords Mobile Mobile App Review

Are you into video games with wars and monsters? If so, you will want to check out the Lords mobile app because it has plenty of that and more. There is lots of action from start to finish when it comes to being a warrior and going into battle.

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App Description

When looking at the Lords mobile app, there are castles, kingdoms, lands, and armies everywhere. You have to defeat enemies, make alliances, and battle monsters in this game. As you get into it, there is no dull moment when it comes to everything you need to do. Battle formations are important when going into war. Now you find yourself along with other players defending thrones you are believed to be the heir of. When you open the app itself, you see lots of beautiful colors depicting the time frame of castles and warlords. The app has a warrior on the front that has a sword and is ready for battle. You get all kinds of different armies that have special skills that you need to overcome in order to win.

There are things you need to do in order to play this game. First, you have to build your kingdom and army. You also need weapons to fight with. Once you do have everything, it’s time to go to war. You may even have some heroes to fight alongside you. The Lords mobile app is a game designed for more than one player.

App Features

When you download Lords Mobile War Kingdom, you will find plenty of features to work with. That’s what makes this war game so much fun. It’s a lot that needs to be done and the features you need include:

  • ​Aligning yourself with a guild
  • Getting your heroes and battle Tripp’s
  • Fighting with other players
  • Claiming the throne
  • You can upgrade your troops, heroes, and kings with battle gear
  • Plan your battle strategies and well as counterattacks
  • Several different types of troops
  • Ability to move your kingdom around
  • Make trades and alliances for your economic needs

Pros And Cons

When you download Lords Mobile War Kingdom, you will see that there is much to love about this game. It’s so much fun and the fact that you can enjoy it with other players makes it very appealing. The likes and dislikes about this game include:


  • Don’t have to play by yourself
  • Fight against monsters and well as armies
  • You get heroes
  • Build your own kingdom
  • There is a throne to claim
  • Archers and other people to use for war


  • Some features that you need have to be purchased.

Downloading The App

Once you download Lords Mobile War Kingdom, you will how much fun this game truly is. There are so many different areas you need to cover in order to win the throne and making your kingdom is just as rewarding. Being able to put together an army is exciting. Just think about how you can get your friends and family to play with you. This can easily become a favorite family pastime. Get the app now, and discover what is so amazing about this game.


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