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Forge of Empires is a strategy game that was released on Apple mobile devices in 2014 and on Android in 2015. It's a turn-based strategy game that can be thought of like a lighter version of Sid Mier's Civilization. You manage a city and army in this game and conduct research into technologies.

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After you download Forge of Empires, you start with a small village. There are only a few buildings you can construct and your military is very basic. To advance you need to do research, and there are over 200 technologies in Forge of Empires that are taken from the last 5,000 years of civilization. These include ways to unlock new buildings, military units, religions, political systems, better vehicles, new weapons, and so on. Unlock new ages by completing a tech tree. Spend Forge Points in order to learn a technology, however, these points are limited in supply.

You can make income in this game from your buildings and products. Nicer homes in your city create more income than lesser ones. Furthermore, you can also produce goods that you sell to make a profit. However, there’s a limited space to build on so you need to decide how to layout your city. Conduct foreign policy in Forge of Empires, and take land from nearby civilizations giving yourself more space to build on. You can choose to be a peaceful civilization, a warmonger, or somewhere in between. Battles are turn-based and surprisingly fun.


  • Single-player as well as multiplayer modes
  • Become a city-planner, strategically laying out your city
  • Tough foreign policy options
  • Trade your goods with other civilizations
  • Find new technology to improve your civilization

Pros and Cons


  • Fun city management and combat systems
  • Nice graphics as well as a low-key soundtrack
  • Completing technology feels like an accomplishment
  • Wide range of buildings, military units, and technologies


  • Roads are hard to lay down
  • Expenses to build your city become way too high after a certain point
  • Later technologies cost too many Forge Points


You can download Forge of Empires for free. It offers in-app purchases if you wish to speed the game up, such as buying Forge Points. It’s also fun to take a civilization that starts as a tiny village and develop it into a massive metropolis. This game allows you to engage in city building,  form strategies, use military force, and deal with diplomacy. As it features a single-player campaign mode and multiplayer support, there are many ways to enjoy this game.


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