Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements Mobile App Review

This white glass cooking, guns blazing, base building, strategy game created by FTX Games puts you right in the middle of the action-packed world of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman. There is no shortage of badass characters you loved or hated from the television series, including Sal, Tucko, and Skinny Pete. Staying true to the series, you will find yourself cooking white glass, recruiting specialists, and guarding and upgrading your territory, AKA, the RV.

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Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Gameplay starts with your character, freshly out of prison, taking directives from Sal, your attorney, thanks to Jessie. After a brief tutorial, you will be cooking white glass in Heisenberg’s RV in no time. Like most other strategy games, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements requires you to upgrade your base, supplies, your muscles, and everything in between. Upgrades need bricks, cash, and white glass, obtained from brick builders placed on your base, completing contract jobs, and winning battles for territories.

You also must recruit specialists via burner phones for the territorial brawls and to guard your base. Once you have reached level five in the game, you can start using Sal’s office to level up your brutes with snacks and magazines acquired through gameplay or watching free videos for rewards. Your specialists will need to be leveled up to win the shoot outs in the more difficult territories, to claim that land.

Breaking Bad Game Features

  • Activity Guide to help navigate gameplay
  • Sync with your Facebook account and Google play account
  • Enable and disable music as well as sound effects
  • Change the interface language
  • Optional in-game videos to earn rewards
  • The gameplay remains true to the television series

Pros and Cons of Downloading Breaking Bad Criminal Elements


  • Whether you love strategy games or Breaking Bad or both, this breaking bad game has much to offer
  • Lot’s of tasks to work on while waiting for upgrades
  • True to story
  • Syncs with Facebook as well as Google Play
  • Tutorial included


  • In-App purchases
  • Wait times for upgrades

Download Breaking Bad Criminal Elements

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you should download Breaking Bad Criminal Elements. The gameplay holds true to the series and portrays all of the major characters and settings including, the car wash, Sal’s office, the auto repair shop, and the RV. The graphics are precise and pull you further into gameplay. Not to mention, you are working directly for Heisenberg himself, and he will make sure to keep you in line. However, you do not have to be familiar with the breaking bad series to enjoy the Breaking Bad game itself. Fans of strategy and RPG’s will also be immersed in the storyline of this game as they fight to protect Heisenberg’s base and learn to cook the best glass around.


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