Army Men Strike Mobile App Review

Army Men Strike app can allow you to dive into your childhood through a challenging strategy war game. If you don't know much about the mobile game, consider checking out our review below. This way, you can download Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers and know what to expect.

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What is Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers?

As the name of the app implies, Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers feature miniature army men, strategy, as well as war. The app is free to download, but there are several optional in-app purchases that may help enhance the game a bit more such as giving you more currency to spend. As you play Army Men Strike, you are placed in the role of Commander. You will take command of hundreds of little green toy troops and embark on numerous battles using your soldiers, tanks, and more.

This game isn’t a simple point and fire battle app as there’s somewhat of a storyline to it. Right from the beginning, you’re thrown into a war, your green soldiers against the yellow army men. As you get more into the game, you get a territory to expand and protect by building up tower defenses, weapons, and your army in general. For those of you interested in player-vs.-player type of games, you can play Army Men Strike with different people from all around the world. You even have the choice of whether to go against them or push to form an alliance instead.

Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers Features

  • Compete with various players around the world
  • Live chat with multiple players
  • Form alliances for more protection or make enemies
  • Gather up resources for your army and defenses
  • Recruit and also train a variety of different soldiers
  • Develop your own strategy in order to win battles and defend your base

Pros and Cons of Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers


  • Free download
  • Fun storyline to follow along with
  • Play along with people throughout the world
  • Various events to participate in


  • Servers can sometimes be slow

Why You Should Download Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers

If you want to feel like a child again, yet still have a way to challenge your mind and strategy-building skills, you may want to play Army Men Strike Toy Soldiers. It may look like a cartoon, but it forces you to think about how you develop your troops, build your defenses, and form alliances with users around the globe for an added bit of protection. You can even follow the simple storyline that pits your green troops against the classic miniature yellow army men. It’s completely free to start too so you can try it with no reservations.


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