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The AA app is from General Adaptive Apps Pty LTD. It's one of the simplest games you can get on Android Play. The developer made it from Australia, and it's completely free to play. The game is a puzzle game that's drawn quite a lot of buzz online.






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General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd

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aa App Overview

The app has over 600,000 ratings in the Google Play Store and has a 4.3-star rating. The level of installs are also over 50 million. One of the big advantages it has is that it’s quite small at only 6 and a half MB. It will work on just about any device that can run a game at all. It’s one of those games that’s not known for being graphically intense but is instead simple and addictive. The aim of the game is simple, add the numbered circles to the big circle in the middle, all without crossing any of them. The numbers will rotate around the middle though, making it harder. Sometimes there will even be other non-numbered circles to crowd the space and make it harder.

As you clear each level, everything will become more and more complex in order to challenge your mind. When you attach all the numbered spheres, the screen turns green and you get a success screen, along with pushing you to the next level. If you fail, everything turns red, and it tells you that you failed along with giving the phone a vibration.

App Features

  • Leaderboard – The “leaderboard” option connects you straight to the Google Play Games feature which will then show how everyone ranks in terms of points. The maximum score is usually 1,000 though, so there’s going to be a lot of ties. Still, you can see how you’re doing relative to that.
  • Simple Gameplay – You don’t need a lot of reading manuals to figure out how to play. The first level makes this clear enough just by how the level presents itself.

App Pros

  • Light and Compatible – It’s hard to get lighter than this game since it’s only around 6 MB. All you need is Android 4.1 to be able to play it so it should work on just about any device.
  • Addictive – The game is challenging enough that it definitely spurs you on to want to complete the next level, and then the one after that and so on.

App Cons

  • Advertisements – There are often ads that go with the game, in order to support it.

Why Should You Download aa?

You should download AA if you love light and addictive puzzlers. It’s a great way to kill time since you will likely fail a bunch of times, especially in the beginning, which will only increase your addiction and determination to get through each level. Hours will go by before you know it as you try to get the timing right to get all the little spheres orbiting the big sphere.

All you have to do is attach to the main sphere and avoid the little ones and you’ll win!


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