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Of all the different sports games that you can play on your mobile device, perhaps tennis is the most natural fit. Tennis Clash offers you an intuitive system of controls, lifelike three-dimensional graphics, and engaging tennis gameplay to volley back and forth on your smartphone and tablet for hours. The colors are crisp, the rebound shots are true to form, and there is a huge user base for you to compete against.

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Smash The Perfect Serve On Mobile With This Amazing Tennis Game

Work your way to the top of the international multiplayer rankings as you take on your fellow users in famous arenas across the globe. Make sure to upgrade your equipment as you progress, and use the numerous tutorials and skill drills to practice your form. The Tennis Clash app gives you have complete control over every aspect of your player. You can change everything from the grip type on their racket right down to the color of their shoes.

To experience this game for yourself, you can download Tennis Clash on either iOS or Android from the appropriate app store today.


  • Realistic Career Mode – Train your tennis team with a variety of skill-building exercises and drills. Also, choose the best equipment for your players and gear them up with the world’s best rackets, tennis strings, and tennis shoes. You can even customize your team’s diet, pick their tennis coach, and more.
  • International Competition – Compete on famous courts from countries around the globe. You can unlock famous French tennis stadiums, play on well-known courts in the United States, and even play matches in Australia.
  • Timed Matches – If you only have a few minutes of free time, the game has quick 3-minute battles you can play with friends. If you have more time to play, however, feel free to enter a tournament and play for the championship.
  • Multiplayer Rankings – Similar to real tennis, the game ranks your performance against players from around the world. Whether you want to compete against players that can match your skill level or challenge more difficult opponents, you can use the multiplayer rankings inside of the app to find a match for you.


  • The three-dimensional tennis graphics in this game are simply stellar. It’s easy to track the ball as it moves back and forth. In addition, all of the players have incredibly lifelike motion patterns. It’s clear that the game’s designers take your user experience very seriously.
  • You can customize almost every aspect of your tennis team. This makes the game really fun to play. Most tennis games just let you choose from a few basic characters, but this game has several. Choose from personalized equipment and even go so far as to pick what your team eats.
  • Tennis games can be hard to control on mobile, but this one is pretty easy. The user interface is very intuitive, and the touchscreen allows your player to hit the perfect shots.


  • This game takes a lot of memory to install because of the amount of detail put into it. You need to make sure that you have adequate hard drive space on your mobile device before you install this game.
  • You have to pay for certain skill upgrades. This can make it difficult to compete on the free version alone.


Tennis games are some of the most fun games to play on mobile, and the Tennis Clash app is the king of them all. With realistic graphics and a ton of subtle details in this game, the app’s competitors don’t come close in comparison. Download Tennis Clash for your smartphone or tablet in order to hit the virtual court today.


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