Purple Diver Mobile App Review

Looking for an innovative game to keep you captivated? Purple Diver is an entertaining game to keep you busy with the countless levels and the fresh objectives that come with each level. You can even change your diver to a green diver, or whatever color your heart desires.

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When playing Purple Diver you have a certain meter height you dive from. The main objective is to dive within the pool. For additional points hit the duck floaty on your landing. If you land within the ducky you will receive extra points and depth. Another objective is to gain a certain amount of meter depth within the pool. When you are mid-dive with your purple diver if you press down on your screen and complete a flip you are more likely to gain more depth with your dive.

Each time you successfully complete a part of a level you earn coins. The more depth that is gained within the pool the more coins you will receive. With coins you can change the color of your diver, you can also purchase a different suit color. Equipment, various divers, and poses are also available to be purchased with the coins you earn. If you watch an ad you will acquire a pair of goggles to help expand the depth of your dive. One diver is also available through watching an ad. If you’d like any of these items you can buy coins, so you can purchase the items.

App’s Features

  • Cool sound effects
  • Various meter heights within the level
  • Each level has a new objective.
  • Each level has a different pool.
  • Change the color of your diver’s skin to a fun vibrant color.
  • Change the color of your diver’s suit to your favorite color.
  • Use your coins to purchase equipment, new diver, and also several poses.
  • In further levels multitask while diving.


  • The pink target helps make a precise dive.
  • The ducky adds to the complexity of the game.
  • Distinct objectives for each level
  • The ability to change the diver’s skin, suit, and also body shape.
  • Objectives of levels
  • Different pools


  • Ads play after each dive.
  • Even if you wait the amount of time required to not watch an ad still appears.
  • Extremely frustrating because of the ads.
  • Not tremendously versatile
  • The statistics button does not load.
  • All purchases cost a lot of coins.
  • Not much to purchase with coins.


Download Purple Diver to expand on your precise aim. This is a great app to play at your own leisure, yet it will help you improve your accuracy in a gratifying innovative way. You can play this game anywhere, either sit at home and relax while you enjoy your dives or dive on the go. Explore the many levels and the variety of poses you can dive from. After you download Purple Diver you’ll be bursting with excitement to tell your friends of the great game you just added to your app collection.


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