Pool Billiards Pro Mobile App Review

Billiard apps are a natural fit for mobile, and the Pool Billards Pro app is no exception. Utilizing a proprietary gameplay motion engine to deliver the most accurate billiard physics on the market, the Pool Billiards pro app makes playing billiards on the mobile app just as realistic as playing the game in-person.

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Does Playing Billiards On Mobile Get More Realistic Than This?

Once you download Pool Billiards Pro, you can challenge your friends or take on the computer in a variety of ways. Standard gameplay modes include both 8-ball and 9-ball, and you can choose to Straight Pool as well. You can also challenge players from around the globe with the game’s 1-Vs-1 multiplayer mode, and you can build up your strategic planning skills with the Timed Challenge Mode as well.

The graphics are crisp, and the app is easy to download. To download Pool Billiards Pro, you can head to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store today.


  • Realistic Billiard Physics – Are you sick of billiard games that don’t get the physics of the game correct? This game gets them right. The realistic physics engine makes sure that the cue balls always move exactly where you are aiming, and the other billiard balls react in kind.
  • Accurate Touch Controls For Mobile – It’s easy to wield your cue like a pro with the advanced touchscreen controls for your tablet or smartphone. You can use simple touchscreen gestures to control all of the action instantly.
  • Multiple Gameplay Options – The Pool Billiards Pro app comes with several gameplay options to keep you entertained. Test your strategic thinking with timed challenges. In the Time Challenge Mode, you must sink all of the balls in the table within a limited amount of turns. This is great for not only mastering individual shots, but it helps you learn to plan your strategy around the billiard table as well.


  • The graphics and the gameplay engine makes this game feel like you are in a live billiards hall. It’s clear that the team behind the app made sure that the ricochets and angles on each shot are accurate. When it comes to free billiards apps, nothing is worse than missing a shot even though you know the cue was perfectly aimed.
  • This app makes it possible to play the most popular forms of pool with your friends. You can play both 8-ball and 9-ball.
  • Arcade Mode is a lot of fun, and it’s quite the challenge. You only get a certain number of turns to make all of the balls on the table. This mode is excellent for teaching yourself how to think ahead for the next several shots.
  • The cuestick controls have the right mix of sensitivity and responsiveness. You don’t have to worry about accidentally taking a shot when you are lining up. When you are ready to pull the trigger on your shot, however, the game responds perfectly to your touchscreen gestures.


  • Some users have reported that there are few minor glitches at specific points in the game. For example, there is a report of the screen going momentarily black in the middle of a shot.
  • If not enough RAM is available on your phone or tablet, then the game may not run smoothly.
  • Like a lot of other arcade-style games, this one can definitely be addicting. You may find yourself playing this free billiard app when you should be doing other things.


Overall, this is a great mobile free billiards app for anybody who is looking to enjoy a quick game on iOS or Android. When you download the pool billiards pro app, you have access to some of the best graphics and gameplay physics on the market right now.


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