NBA JAM Mobile App Review

NBA Jam is a classic game that originally comes from the console. The version of it for mobile also gets strong reviews, however. It's a fun little game to play on mobile with dynamic graphics and gameplay.






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NBA Jam App Description

If you’ve ever wanted to play NBA Jam, the classic game from old consoles like Nintendo, now’s the time. It’s definitely a good idea to wait to download it on Wi-Fi since otherwise, you’re going to burn more than 300 MB from your data plan. The game features a simple 2 on 2 dynamic using real basketball players.

One of the features that are most famous in the game is that if you approach the basket and hit the shoot button, your player will jump in the air and attempt to do a slam dunk. Manny of these dunks will be really dramatic with your character flying high in the air. The defense can still block the dunk if they jump and block at the right time, of course, which is where a lot of the fun comes in. You can play NBA Jam against a friend or just against the computer.

App Features

  • Nostalgia – You can go through the old campaign mode to unlock characters, legendary players, and other stuff, just like in the original game.
  • Connectivity Options – You can even play with Google’s Android TV, for example, if you so choose. There’s a lot of ways to play with this app.
  • Play with Friends – Play right through Google+, or play local games through the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

App Pros

  • All Old-school Features Available – You get the “you’re on fire” motif from the original game where if you score a few baskets in a row, you get more accurate, and of course, there are all the different sound effects from the original.
  • Play However You want – You can play on your own, through Multiplayer with Google Play, or through local options. There’s that level of control here.

App Cons

  • Online Connectivity Could Change – EA might change the services soon, which means you may not get the same support anymore. Still, it doesn’t look like that’ll happen any time soon. If it does, you’ll get a notice about it.

Why Should I Download NBA Jam?

Download NBA Jam considering it’s one of the most popular sports games of its time. The mobile game is also engaging to many players. Plus, you have more options than you had before. These include being able to play with anyone anytime, either with your mobile device on a local network or even just through Bluetooth, or with anyone in the world through Google+, which is quite an upgrade for how you had to playback in the day.


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