NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Mobile App Review

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a sports simulation game. You can download NBA 2k Mobile on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You collect the cards of NBA players and put together your customized My Team. There are multiple modes of play with the two main ones being Seasons and Leagues.

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Description of Gameplay

You start with a few cards of NBA players and are then shown the basics of how to play. You get more cards by playing the game, which then leads to new stars joining your team and improving existing ones. In Seasons mode, you play against an NPC and gain rewards when you complete a season. In League mode, you play against others online. You are matched against other players who have a similar level of skill as you. Other modes include Drills in which you practice with a specific player to improve his skills.

This 2K mobile app also allows you to control individual players on your My Team. You can also put the game into autoplay mode. To go into this mode once it has been turned on you simply just remove your fingers from your phone’s screen. Your team can play even better in autoplay mode than if you are controlling the action, especially if you have trained your players up. Because of this, it can make the game easier to play for casual fans of the NBA. In this 2K mobile app, you can leave auto mode off to make the game more challenging.

NBA 2K Features

  • Console quality graphics and a smooth framerate
  • Over 400 of NBA players past and present
  • Multiple modes to keep gameplay fresh and interesting
  • Daily bonuses encourage players to check in each day
  • Authentic NBA action

Pros and Cons


  • Competitive gameplay against NPC and other players
  • Free to play with in-app purchases
  • Deep player card customization
  • Build your own Dream Team
  • Multiple modes


  • Requires higher-end phone
  • Autoplay mode can make the game too easy
  • Players in autoplay mode can make plays you cannot
  • Disconnection occurs and requires a restart of the game


Since this is a free app, there is no downside to downloading NBA 2k mobile. If you enjoy the game you can buy upgrades in this app that range in price from $2 to $100. This is a fun game for both hardcore NBA fans and gamers as well as casual players. It features enough modes in order to keep things interesting and has beautiful graphics. You can also build your Dream Team and take on other players online or play against the NPC.


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