Magic Tiles 3 Mobile App Review

The magic tiles app by amanotes is a music and rhythm where you can play the top hits tile by tile. After you download magic tiles, you will be guided to a home page where it will give you a brief description of the app and also the option to subscribe for a full experience.

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Magic Tiles 3 Mobile App Review

To play magic tiles 3 you don’t have to have to subscribe. Once you get into the main menu, you can begin playing magic tiles 3 with your first song. A shadowy cat figure guides you on how to play your first song. To play the first song you must hit the tiles before they get to the bottom of the screen.

The faster your fingers are the better because once the tiles hit the bottom of the screen you will have to watch a 30-second ad to begin playing again.

If you don’t mind the free experience of playing music with tiles and getting hit with an ad every time you fail then don’t bother subscribing unless you really enjoy the free experience and want the full experience of playing magic tiles 3.

The song you start out with is quite fast, so this game isn’t really for the beginner unless you are familiar with rhythm games then this is on the easier side of that specific gaming genre. Overall, this game is more for intermediate players who are a bit more familiar with how fast you must click tiles or keep up with each song’s pace.

Magic Tiles App Feature

  • The option to pay for a subscription on the main menu.
  • Fairly simple to click on tiles as that is the gist of the game, clicking on tiles.


  • There is catchy music within the game’s content
  • Challenging for those who want a bit more of a challenge
  • A fairly simple objective which consists of tabbing the tile at just the right time
  • Instructions do not pester you throughout the gaming experience. They are very brief.


  • There’s a 30-second advert if you fail the game
  • You must pay a subscription to get the game’s full features
  • No access to most of the music that can be played

Magic Tiles 3 App Summary

Rhythm games can be really challenging for a new player. However, if you already have challenged your skills with other games and are ready to move on to something more advanced then magic tiles may be for you.

Also, If you want a new experience with rhythm and music on your IOS or Android phone, then downloading magic tiles 3 will pass some time for you while enjoying a bit of music. You only need about 90 megabytes of space to download magic tiles 3 through your designated mobile app store. Once you download the app, you can begin working your way past certain songs to build up your tile tapping skills.


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