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As one of the most dominant gaming series in history, Madden NFL has been around in one form or another for more than two decades. Produced by the legendary EA Sports, games in the Madden series have always been considered leaders in new graphics technologies and advanced gameplay features alike.

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Madden Mobile: The Latest NFL Gaming Trend For Smartphones and Tablets Everywhere

Recently, though, the series has moved to new platforms, and users have posted mixed reviews. With the latest release of mobile Madden, EA Sports promised avid Madden everywhere some much-needed upgrades over previous versions.

Does the latest mobile version of Madden stand up to the test?

I gave it a try to see for myself.

Madden Mobile Gets A Makeover: Looking at The Latest Release

First launched at the end of July, this new version of Madden is different all around.

From the start, the upgrade to gameplay structure is a major advancement regarding Madden Overdrive. As die-hard Madden fans will recall, Madden Overdrive had a rather rigid structure that compromised gameplay and made Madden less enjoyable than it had been in the past. Features like League Mode and Auctions were locked for the casual user, and it took hours of gameplay to unlock multiple modes that had previously been standard.

Fortunately, the newest version of Madden’s mobile version is a 180-degree reversal over the wreck of previous versions.

New Features: More Flexible Gameplay Modes With Classic Madden Features

From the time you start playing, you will be blown away. Rather than having to work my way up the ladder and spend too much time unlocking everything in Madden, I was able to use some of the more advanced gameplay modes right away. Season Mode, for example, is similar to the classic Franchise mode more closely than ever before. Also, the update to Head-To-Head features and other multiplayer changes were a nice surprise.

Most of all, though, it’s relieving that EA Sports has an Overdrive mode. I found the Overdrive Mode to be far less bossy in the interface, and I was able to use Overdrive as simply another multiplayer option. I thought for sure that I was going to have to go out of my way to work around Overdrive, but it turns that I was (fortunately) wrong.

Pros of The New Mobile Madden

  • There are excellent graphics, as always.
  • Expanded gameplay options, especially in multiplayer modes.
  • Great customer support from EA Sports.

Cons of the New Mobile Madden

  • The interface is a little different than normal.
  • Like any new release, there was a bit of a learning curve when I was learning how to use all of the new features.

This New Version Is A Winner

It’s impressive how fast the team at Electronic Arts was able to revamp Madden NFL for this latest mobile release. With technology continuing to improve and the support team at EA Sports constantly taking customer feedback into account, you have to wonder just how much better the entire Madden series can possibly get in years to come.


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