Hockey All Stars Mobile App Review

Hockey All-Stars is a classic-style 3D hockey game for your mobile device. Designed with gameplay similar to other games from the past, face up against your opponents in a three-period match to see which team will score the most goals.

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Mobile App Review for Hockey All-Stars

After you download Hockey All Stars you will be put through a quick simulation on how to play the game. The controls are relatively simple but take some time to get the hang of. By placing your thumb on the left side of the screen and moving it around you can control your player skating across the ice; the right side of the screen is designated for the actions that change from defense to offense. When you are on defense you have sprint, body check and stick poke. On offense, you have pass, sprint, and shoot. When you play Hockey All Stars you will get the realistic feel, as this game has great graphics and makes you feel like you are controlling a real hockey game.


  • Realistic hockey game for 1 player
  • Make a team and win matches to advance your franchise

No different from many other hockey games from the past, this game keeps the excitement of the game of hockey alive by allowing you to create your own team, select your jersey style and color and take to the ice to compete against your rivals. As you win games and gain experience you will have access to better players with higher ability levels so that you can take the championship trophy home that much easier.


  • Great controls
  • Responsive gameplay
  • Minimal advertisements

The great thing about the Hockey All Stars app is that the controls and gameplay are responsive, and there is no glitching out or unusual pausing of the game, making it enjoyable to play. Another refreshing thing about the Hockey All Stars App is that there aren’t many advertisements or purchasing traps to worry about.


  • No change player button
  • Playing with friends not possible

One downside to the game is that there is no button to change the current player when playing defense like other hockey games. Also, there is no apparent online gaming mode where you could potentially square off against a friend.

Two Thumbs Up

If you are a hockey lover or not, you are going to like Hockey All Stars. Even though you can’t play against friends, this is a great game to keep you entertained. Download Hockey All Stars and enjoy the game of hockey at the tip of your fingers!


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