Golf Rival Mobile App Review

Golf Rival is a virtual golf game for your mobile device that pairs you up with another player online to see who gets the best score on each hole. The golfer with the lowest score automatically wins.

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Mobile App Review for Golf Rival
With relatively simple controls, all you have to do is place the ball where you want it to land on the course, slide back on the ball until it reaches the sweet spot position, and release it when the arrowed meter reaches the middle. With the option to invite friends to play over Facebook you can square off with the partner of your choice in competition to score the lowest amount of strokes. By winning matches and increasing your experience you can win treasure chests that contain stronger golf clubs and coins. There are also quests that you can complete by accomplishing goals like hitting 40 tee shots or unlocking 32 different chests. This is a game that is recommended for all ages as it is not too complicated for a child to play, and it also has the potential to entertain a teenager or adult. Because this is an online-based game you won’t have access to it if you are in offline mode or don’t have a connection to the internet.


  • Online-based golf game app
  • Gain experience and unlock chests
  • Complete quests
  • Share with a friend

Yet another game based on the game of golf, when you download Golf Rival you will get the hang of the controls fast even if you haven’t played a golf game before.


  • Simple and straightforward
  • You can play with a friend
  • Great for golf lovers

There is no confusion on what to do when playing this game which is a huge plus. Any game where you can invite a friend and compete with them on the internet is great fun. You and your friends will enjoy competing against each other when the time comes to play Golf Rival


  • No offline play
  • Overly simple

The fact that you can’t play Golf Rival offline is a downside. The developers could also make it a bit more difficult to hit the shots perfectly to make things a little bit more interesting.

Golf Your Heart Out with Golf Rival

This is a recommended download to get a young person enthused about the game of golf. Although the difficulty level isn’t very high, there is still enjoyment about playing a virtual golf game, even for adults. Just like most other gaming apps, be careful that you don’t make an accidental purchase. That being said this game is better than most on the app store because it doesn’t ambush you with ads and promotions. Download Golf Rival and let ‘er rip. Happy golfing!


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