Fishing Hook Mobile App Review

The Fishing Hook app supports over 18 different languages so everyone around the globe can take part in all the fun. When you download Fishing Hook, you will be able to start your road to becoming the best fisherman on the sea. The game is great for all ages and easy to use with a brief tutorial at the beginning.

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Mobile App Review for Fishing Hook

When you download Fishing Hook, you will be given a rather short tutorial of how to play so you can be on your way to catching the biggest fish in the sea. By pulling the button on your reel you can quickly cause the fish damage. This will result in bringing the fish closer to you. If you push the striking pin, that is when you use the tension gauge to help reduce the distance between you and your fish. Although it may be difficult, if you release the challenge fish you catch in the beginning, you will be able to catch more expensive challenge fish in the end.

Once you start catching larger fish, you can start keeping track of your rankings and achievements made throughout your game. The Fishing Hook app is 100% free to download and it is fun for all ages. Keep in mind, the game is heavily addicting as you’ll want to catch the biggest and baddest fish out there.


  • Fun to play for all ages in the family.
  • Keep track of all your achievements as well as trophy fish caught in the game.
  • Free to download.


  • Supports over 18 languages so everyone can take part in the fun!
  • Supports tablet devices for quicker gameplay.
  • Enjoy fishing as if you were sitting on a boat in the ocean.


  • Cannot connect to social media to share your game progress.
  • No multi-player options available.
  • No in-app purchases in order to stop advertising.

Start Catching Fish Today With The Fishing Hook App

If you enjoy fishing and sitting back and relaxing while you cast your reel, this is an excellent app choice for you. The controls in the game are very easy to use as all you need to do is push and pull on the big red button to reel your fish into the boat. Once you start catching fish that you are proud of, you can start tracking your score and achievements in the app. Remember, let go of your challenge fish a few times to reel in a larger one on your next cast. The game is completely free to download and the gameplay makes it fun for all ages of your family.


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