8 Ball Pool Mobile App Review

A game of Billiards in the physical sense is not necessarily a hard game to grasp as far as the rules are concerned, but the concept of what is being asked of the player can be considered "easier said than done." Most onlookers peer at people as they play the game and think to themselves how easy it looks and how they could do the same or better, but when confronted with the task of actually handling a pool stick and trying to get those little balls into the desired holes it is another story.

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8 Ball Pool App Description

The 8 Ball Pool Mobile App has changed the idea of physical pool while still keeping the game closely similar to the physics of how a real pool game works. The game is considered accurate, easy to maneuver, and user-friendly. This app makes it easy to play others around the world so that you can show off your own skills or learn things from your opponent. It has been expressed and proved that usually, your success at the physical game of billiards has no bearings on how well you play the game on the 8 Ball Pool App. By downloading 8 Ball Pool you open up a world that can be used by the novice, as well as the expert players. This is not a possibility that you will ever find in a game of face-to-face pool.

Features of the App

Below you will find a list of features of this app:

  • It includes a very polished layout
  • Offers levels so that you can measure your performance in the game.
  • Available through the iMessage games so that you can play with your friends in your contact list.
  • It offers subscription choices.
  • Play matches as well as daily challenges.

App Pros

There are many pros regarding 8 Ball Pool:

  • Use Pool Pass to access exclusive rewards by using this app.
  • Challenge your friends by using this app.
  • Play at your own pace by using this app.
  • Play the game in 10 different languages from around the world.

App Cons

There are a few cons regarding this app:

  • The subscriptions can be fairly expensive as compared to other apps.
  • There are a few reoccurring glitches in the game that are visible when taking too long to choose an opponent.

Download 8 Ball Pool

Get 8 Ball Pool today and compete to be one of the best players in the game. Even if you’re not good at pool in real life, this app is playable by all. No matter where you are with your skillset as it applies to pool, the 8 Ball Pool App is due a download because you will be able to increase or sharpen your skills by merely playing it. All the while, you can have fun with opponents and interact with so many people who enjoy the game already or who just want to see what the hype is about. In the end, you will not regret downloading this tension soothing game.


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