TerraGenesis - Space Settlers Mobile App Review

There are fun games that are strictly for entertainment, and then there are fun games that deal with science. If you want to enjoy space exploration and have a good time with it, you need to get Terragenesis. This game takes you on a journey using factual data from NASA to help put life on empty planets.

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Full Description Of App

Looking at Terragenesis, it’s all about bringing back planets from the dead and controlling the stars. Basically, you get to use actual science to build a planet and learn something interesting things at the same time. You can terraform the universe on your mobile device, and colonize the planets you built. This requires you to use logic and critical thinking, however, which makes this app an excellent one to download. Space exploration has long been a curious thing for man, however, since you are not in a position to get there, this app will bring you a little closer to what scientists are looking into as a future possibility. You will be on the edge of your seat building up your planet in a way that sustains life.

The Terragenesis app is designed with an outer space look to represent what it’s about. You can see a planet that is about to explode because it’s uninhabitable, which catches your attention right off that this is worth looking into. If you want to learn how planets are formed and what it takes to colonize them, then this would be the app to use.

The Features Of The Apps

When you download the Terragenesis game, you will notice some very cool features once you start to play. They help you build your planets and other things that you need for colonization. Looking at the exploration of the features, this includes:

  • Joining one of the four Factions involved in colonization
  • Terraforming your planets to sustain life
  • Use a stats summary page to track the progress of your colonization
  • Terraform satellites and dwarf planets
  • You get to melt ice caps
  • Build your own ecosystem and create life forms

Pros And Cons

Once you download the Terragenesis game, you are going to see plenty of things that will make you like it. It’s versatile in what it brings to the table in terms of your enjoyment. When you look at everything, you will discover what it is to love about this app and what could use some improvement which includes:


  • You get to build planets
  • You also get to create life forms of any kind
  • Uses real science so you get to learn a lot of things
  • There are in-app purchases but they are optional
  • The activities in the app are free


  • There are none

You are looking at endless fun while creating everything you truly need for your creation to stay alive.

Downloading The App

Download the Terragenesis game to see why it’s beneficial for you to have it. You get a learning experience that will teach you how everything was made and formed firsthand. It will give you a deeper appreciation for our planet and how we should take care of it better. Children can come away with knowledge as well, considering that NASA has placed real data into the simulation.


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