Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys Mobile App Review

You begin the game as Rick, Morty's trusty grandfather. All of a sudden, you find yourself trapped within an alternate dimension of the multiverse, and you're desperate to get out. As you explore this horrifying new world, you learn that people in the multiverse are growing and trading different versions of your beloved grandson Morty. Worse yet, the cruel creatures of the multiverse are battling these Mortys against each other to see which one comes out on top.

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The Multiverse Is Calling Your Name On Mobile

Can you collect all of the different Mortys to save your grandson before time runs out? That’s the challenge of this engaging mobile game for iOS and Android.

To check out all of the exciting action, you can download Pocket Mortys for free from either the Google Play Store or the iOS app store today.


  • Hundreds Of Mortys – Morty is always unpredictable, and this certainly captures his personality. Choose from over 250 Mortys to play with, including No Mercy Morty, Hipster Morty, and more. For extra fun, try to access Off The Grid Morty and Colossal Head Morty so you can activate special features.
  • Trade Rare Mortys With Other Players – Part of the fun of having so many Mortys to choose from is that you can trade them for each other and pit each Morty against one another. Swap Buff Morty for Skeleton Morty with another player, or have Veiny Morty take on Spooky Morty in a battle to the death.
  • Campaign Mode – Set in the futuristic multiverse, Campaign modes lets you lead an army of Mortys into the battle of a lifetime. Put your collection of Mortys through a rigorous training program to upgrade each of their skills, and splice different Mortys on your team together to create the ultimate Morty.


  • It’s worth it to download Pocket Mortys just for all of the Morty versions alone. There is so much variety in this app that it’s impossible for you to get bored.
  • The animations on mobile are true to the real-life TV show. You don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything by using your smartphone or tablet to play this game.
  • All of the levels in this game are the same as in the show. You can recognize all of the characters easily, and this app features familiar voices and sounds from each of the characters.
  • The app does not use a lot of data while it runs. You don’t have to worry about maxing out your data plan by playing this game.


  • If you don’t have the latest graphics hardware, the color scheme in the app can feel a little dull.
  • It’s great that the app’s creators issue constant patches and updates, but some users have reported losing their progress when they download the latest version. You may end up having to repeat a level or two after you download a new update.
  • A few users have reported some glitches in the game. For example, one user reported that sometimes the game crashes, and progress is not saved. You may also have the on-screen buttons disappear at random times.
  • It’s free to download the game, but you need to pay for some features.

Is This The Ultimate Morty Game For Mobile? The Final Verdict

Pocket Mortys is a fun Rick and Morty game with lots of entertaining gameplay. The creators behind the app definitely put a lot of thought into making this game different from others. To download Pocket Mortys and get access to tons of eccentric Mortys, head to the iOS or Android app store right now.


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