Pocket City Mobile App Review

Pocket City is a city-building game released in August 2018. There's a free version to try it out and if you like it the cost is just $4.99 to buy the whole game. There are no microtransactions or additional costs. It is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

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Description of the Pocket City App

Pocket City is the rare mobile game that lends itself equally well to playing in short bursts or for extended times. It offers a streamlined experience that doesn’t bog the player down in too many details. You don’t need to lay down power lines or water pipes, for example. The buildings don’t have a lot of stats associated with them, which makes the game easier to work with but maybe a disappointment to those who want to know exactly what one does. The game starts with a lengthy tutorial, but it thankfully can be skipped.

After you download Pocket City, you can play in linear or sandbox mode. In linear mode, you unlock buildings and services in order. In sandbox mode, you start with a blank slate and can build your city as you please. Your advisors are actual characters who help you with various functions such as banking and emergency services. You can zoom all the way down to street level in Pocket City. When you do so, you will see speech bubbles above citizen’s heads giving you an idea of what they need and want. You can also monitor fires and crimes in real-time while zoomed in.

Features Of the Pocket City App

  • Build your own personalized city
  • Unlock new buildings, land, and terrain
  • Share your creation with friends
  • No in-app purchases

Pros and Cons


  • Clear, vibrant graphics
  • Plenty of personality due to advisors, citizens, and animated buildings
  • Great for playing in short bursts or for a few hours
  • Disasters can be turned off or undone


  • Only one campaign, otherwise just sandbox mode
  • Maps can become cramped
  • Limited availability of building stats


To download Pocket City it costs just $4.99. As indicated, this is the only price you will ever pay to play this game. Pocket City is a mobile app that got its balancing app just right. The interface is sleek with everything you need to control never more than a few screen presses away. There are enough stats to understand what is going on without going into too much detail for a mobile game. It is a casual city-building game that can be fun in both short bursts and for long periods of time.


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