Plague Inc. Mobile App Review

The Plague Inc. app is one of the most popular simulation games currently on the App Store and it seems to be very clear why. The game (first released in 2012) features an interesting interface and concept which is further developed by the numerous expansion packs available for purchase.

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The Plague Inc. App – An In-Depth Review

The game is set in the present time and allows the player to simulate the spread of a pandemic from start to finish. However, governments of the world can use their resources to wipe it out of existence. Through various improvements and modifications, the disease becomes more resistant to human intervention and effects on the patients start to change.

The Plague Inc. app’s interface is a simple one but that actually adds to the experience. You spend most of your time in the game focusing on changes and watching the disease spread throughout the world. It’s also very addicting watching the world slowly turn red as planes, trains, ships, and people spread the disease across the globe. If you plan everything out correctly, the world will truly be overrun with your disease. It requires more strategy than one first thinks and that is exactly what keeps players coming back. That along with the addition of expansion packs has made the game consistently better and the innovation has allowed it to keep its place at the top of the app store charts.


  • Free to play for everyone to experience most aspects of the simulator.
  • Additional expansion packs available for purchase, bringing new excitement to the game.
  • Accurate maps show the spread of your disease by region and country.
  • Several modifications and enhancements to make each player experience unique.


  • The base game is free to play and the expansion packs do not have a high cost.
  • Highly accurate disease models and spread.
  • The number of possible outcomes makes each game unique because it’s enjoyable to replay at any time.


  • The game also limits iOS in its detail and computing power.
  • Most of the expansion packs are based around just one new type of pathogen.

The App Store is not widely known for quality simulation games. Many simply pass by because there are no other options for iPhone users. However, when you download Plague Inc. you get access to one of the few mobile simulation games which effectively simulates what it is attempting to. This game is highly effective at disease model simulation. This is impressive considering it operates on phones rather than desktops with much higher computing power. Anyone with even a small interest in health science should download Plague Inc. just to experience a quality mobile game.


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