Icing On The Cake Mobile App Review

Find out what it's like to decorate cakes by playing the Icing on the Cake game. Several levels continue to increase the difficulty of the cakes that you design. You can choose to play an endless mode where you design cakes the way you want instead of meeting decorating challenges.

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About Icing On The Cake

A fun feature when you download Icing on the Cake is that you get to decide what your cakes look like in most levels. At the beginning of the Icing on the Cake game, you get basic cakes with a few simple colors, such as blue, green, and orange. As you get comfortable with decorating, you can get more tools and colors for more designs. Once you put the icing on your cake, you can then smooth it out with a spatula. If you don’t like the colors, you can remove them and start over.

When you download Icing on the Cake, your goal is to design each one so that it matches the image on the screen. You’ll receive comments about how your cake looked compared to the one you were trying to match. If you have a few hours to spare, then this is an app that can be quite relaxing. Some of the colors can be improved along with the design of the tools that are used to decorate. For the most part, the game is one that is fun to play and that only gets more challenging as you reach higher levels so that there is always something better available.


  • No time limit to complete cakes
  • Cakes designed in realistic appearances
  • Tools used in ways that are similar to icing cakes


  • Multiple images to match in the game
  • Easy to play
  • Passes the time during the day
  • Save images of cakes you’ve designed


  • Imperfections are visible
  • Ads can interfere with designing


From decorating plain and simple cakes to icing cakes with multiple tiers, this is a game that is fun to play and that allows you to use a little of your creativity. Your goal is to design a cake so that it looks like the one in the picture. If you are able to replicate the image, then you can move to the next level. Some levels are quite tricky to get through as there are details that you think you have matched but that is not the same. The game feels like there is no end, which is beneficial if you have a lot of time on your hands to decorate cakes.


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