i Peel Good Mobile App Review

Some acts are just so amazingly soothing. Our mind sees certain acts and then associates them to stress relievers. This is satisfying in a way that really can't be expressed in words. Someone had the forethought to take something as relaxing as peeling fruits and veggies and make it into an app in order to encourage rest and gentility. Games such as this will give your brain the opportunity to take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and let you peel a little without risking a real cut. You can test your peeling skills and level up when you grab the hang of how to complete a task. Download I Peel Good if you would like to calm your nerves and have fun at the same time,

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i Peel Good Game

The I Peel Good Game is definitely one of a kind. You will find many games that have apps now that claim to be the link between the person and relaxation but they miss the great graphics and similar feel to real peeing inside your home in your kitchen. This part makes all of the difference because it helps you feel engulfed in the game itself. This app constantly has new features and levels being added in order to create a better and more seamless game for you. Although you will be peeling without actually peeling real fruit and therefore there is no pressure to eat the fruit after peeling it in order to not waste anything.

i Peel Good App Features

Of the many features this app offers, you will find a list of the most important below:

  • Available in English.
  • Uses 263 MB of space.
  • Offers an offline mode.
  • New levels all the time.
  • Different soundtrack for each level.

i Peel Good App Pros

The list below will detail some of the pros that you will find after downloading this app:

  • Challenge yourself with the levels of this game.
  • Test your skills in a manner that is similar to that of real life.
  • Extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

i Peel Good App Cons

There are not many cons to downloading this app, but the couple found have been listed below:

  • Not available in any language other than English.
  • This application may deter you from the many updates and bug fixes.

Download i Peel Good

Imagine needing a way to relax. You need this way immediately because school or work has you stressed to the max. Now imagine finding that stress reliever in your app store for free. You can peel endless items at your convenience causing your brain to take a vacation but remain stimulated to an extent to where you are actually breaking from the monotonous everyday activities. If you would like to partake in this, be sure to get your smart device out and download this app. Install it on your phone or smart device and you can go anywhere while enjoying all it has to offer.


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