Hotel Story: Resort Simulation Mobile App Review

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation allows you to design and build your own hotel. You can design the hotel from the ground up and have full control over it. You can decorate each room differently, choose how many floors to have, and decide how many rooms or beds to add. The goal is to create a successful hotel business.

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Full Description of the App

When you play Hotel Story, you get to pretend like you are the architect, interior designer, and owner of the hotel. You choose exactly how it looks and how it functions. It’s a simulation game, so you have full control over almost every aspect of the game. Anything you want to create is possible, and you can use various items and tools to build the hotel of your dreams.

It’s easy to build and design the hotel. You can start with several different items and then buy more as your hotel becomes more successful and you start to make money. The goal is to make a hotel that customers enjoy, so any customers who visit will be willing to pay and return. Just like in real life, your customers can complain and leave without paying. You can also expect things to go wrong along the way, so be prepared to make repairs and changes to the hotel. The game also gives you tasks to complete that help you earn money and progress through the game.

App Features

The hotel story app has a lot of entertaining features that make it fun to play. As you progress through the game, you can unlock features to enjoy it even more. Some of the top features include,

  • 80 facilities to add to the hotel
  • Create and train a team of staff
  • Visit other hotels
  • Update resort
  • Tasks in order to help you earn money
  • Numerous decorations, tools, and design options

Pros and Cons of the App

There are many pros to the Hotel Story app and a few cons. This list can help you decide if you should download and Play Hotel story in your free time.


  • Free play
  • You can decide how fast you move through the game
  • Numerous design possibilities
  • Full control over your hotel
  • Ability to play online with others and visit other hotels


  • Must complete tasks in order to progress in the game
  • Limited money when starting
  • Levels get very difficult at higher levels.

Why Download the Hotel Story App

If you enjoy building and designing structures or have always dreamed up running your own hotel, then you will appreciate this app. It’s packed with things do, and it will keep you busy. You can move through the game at your own pace and interact with other players for even more fun. It’s a good way to unleash your creative side and pass the time.


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