Fishing Clash Mobile App Review

Fishing Clash is an addicting fishing game that has realistic graphics and action. The game takes you to bodies of water around the world and allows you to catch a variety of different fish species. You are in full control of your cast and retrieval, and there is always plenty of fish to catch.

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Full Description of the App

The Fishing Class app is exciting from the start. You are immediately transported to your fishing spot and then given a pole and lure to start fishing. The game does give you a short tutorial on how to use your pole and tackle and how to cast and reel in your fish. You can cast the pole by merely pushing a button. You’ll also know you have a fish on the line when you see your pole twitching or notice movements in the water. When this happens, start reeling in your fish immediately, but there’s always a chance it may break your line or get off the hook.

There are also meters displayed on the screen that tells you how far away your fish is from the boat and how much tension is on the line. You can reduce tension and slow your speed to keep the line from breaking before you get your fish in the boat. The fish you catch are worth money, and you can use the money you earn in order to upgrade your pole and tackle.

App Features

This app has a lot of features that help make it fun and exciting. Some of the most popular include:

  • 165 different lure options
  • Various gear options
  • Special bonuses
  • Surprise gifts
  • Fun Quests
  • Ability to compete against other players around the world

Pros and Cons of the App

The Fishing Clash app is definitely a fun game, however, it does have its pros and cons.


  • Great graphics
  • Fun action
  • Variety of fish species
  • Different types of tackle as well as poles
  • Contests
  • Fun Rewards


  • Option to buy premium currency
  • Can’t move around in fishing location
  • Some fish species require specific bait, however, and it can be expensive

Why Download Fishing Clash?

If you love fishing and fast-paced game, you should download Fishing Clash. It’s full of action, and there’s always something new to catch or a new upgrade in order to make your pole or tackle better. Being able to play against other players in tournaments is also a lot of fun. If you can’t actually get out on the water to fish, then this is your next best option.


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