Farming Simulator 14 Mobile App Review

A career in farming is an extensive career. It is not for the faint at heart, but it does produce great satisfaction overall. Many just look into the career of farming, some actually engage in it, and some choose to simulate it. Choosing a simulator app is a very good way to be acquainted with the experiences of a farmer, but many games played on a smart device app are less than impressive to say the least. A simulator app can bring hours upon hours of fun if it is found to be efficient and effective, but without it being just that, users will almost always be left filled with disappointment.

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Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator App is a real treat to play. It is a stress reliever and allows you to practice your farming skills without actually doing any manual labor. You will find the graphics to be ahead of standard and find yourself engulfed in the scenes as you play through. One of the most noted comments about this app is that although it is free, it comes with technical acuity much like using real-life tractors and trailers. These small pluses are what makes mimicking and replicating the movements of a farmer for almost anyone of differing ages, races, or socioeconomic status.

The Farming Simulator 14 Features

This application has many features and you can find them listed below:

  • Includes many detailed 3D graphics.
  • Play in English or translate into five additional languages.
  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, as well as iPod touch.
  • Ability to hire additional laborers to help in the completion of work.
  • Uses real equipment to help with modeling for the app.

App Pros

The Farming Simulator App has many pros as mentioned by the consumers:

  • You can play with friends in a free-roaming world.
  • The manual controls greatly help with a more real feel during simulation.
  • You will find more equipment to use than in previous app versions.

App Cons

This app has very few cons, but of the cons found, users find that the following are the most problematic:

  • Farming equipment upgrades are necessary to complete some tasks on the app.
  • The in-app purchases have prices that aren’t appropriate.
  • Earning money in the app is fun but it seems to be new updates as far as the pricing and what you are paid.

Download This App Now

This app has had many versions but each version gets better and more in-depth. It will allow you a little escape to pretend or sharpen your skills. A simulator app is sometimes very simple and although this comes with complete simplicity, it still allows you to be able to immerse yourself in a new world. So download this app if you are ready to play in a free farming simulation where you can encounter friends, tend to your land and animals, as well as make a little simulation cash while thoroughly enjoying it. Stop what you are doing and download this app and begin your life as a farmer today.


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