Fallout Shelter Mobile App Review

The Fallout Shelter game for mobile is a highly popular option from Bethesda and the popular Fallout line of desktop games. It's one of the highest reviewed games for mobile around, and millions of people have gone ahead to download Fallout Shelter.

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Fallout Shelter Game Description

Set within the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout, the game won several awards for the best game when it came out in 2015. The objective of the game is to build a vault full of people that can survive through the apocalypse. You will turn a dig site thousands of feet underground into a place where people can live and survive. The people who live in the vault are called “dwellers” and your job is to allow them to improve in terms of abilities.

You can tinker with dwellers to help them find the jobs that they will enjoy the most. You’ll choose their weapons, abilities, and training in order to fight off potential threats from the outside world. There’s a lot of customization options in the world such as different weapons and clothing. You can also find junk on the surface and make it into more useful items. There’s even a barbershop where you can change how any of your dwellers look.

App Features

  • Combat – Threats are going to pop up from time to time as the mutants and other threats at the top of the world come barreling down on you. There’s also always the threat of riots as well.
  • Exploration – The wasteland of the surface has a lot of ground to explore, and you can search through it for advanced weapons, armor, and other goodies. Examples include bottle caps, which are what passes for money in the Wasteland. Make sure you don’t let them get killed when they are up there though!
  • Customization – There are a lot of options to make the vault you craft your own. These include altering the appearance of dwellers and picking your equipment.

App Pros

  • Ease of Play – There’s not too much to figure out so that you can get straight to playing after you download Fallout Shelter.
  • Much to Discover – There’s also a lot of rooms to unlock and stuff to find in the wasteland. This means those who like more exploration type games will love it.
  • Humor – The classic Fallout dark humor is on full display here, and people will find much to enjoy about it.

App Cons

  • Freemium – While the game is free to play, it also has a bit of a “pay to win” feel to it, since the game can be rather slow at times without making purchases.

Why You Should Download the App

You should download the app if you’re a fan of sandbox type games where you can control everything, or if you’re a fan of Fallout, of course. There’s a lot to do and the game won Game of the Year in 2015 for a reason. It’s well-developed and the gameplay flows easily.


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