Episode - Choose Your Story Mobile App Review

When you play Episode Choose Your Story, you get to make all the decisions. You can choose what to wear, the people you talk to, and how you handle various situations that arise each day in the life of your character. There are dozens of storylines to complete with new features added all the time.

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Description of the App

When you download Episode, you can select the type of story that you want to play. While some of the graphics aren’t the best, the characters can be well-developed with the decisions that you make so that you don’t focus on how the details look. There are romance stories and those that include drama and adventure. The Episode app allows you to personalize your characters by changing their hair color and clothing. At certain points during Episode Choose Your Story, you can change your appearance, such as when your character goes to school or attends a special event.

There are over 100,000 different storylines available with the Episode app. You are in control of how each story turns out, which is why there are so many scenarios. One change in what you say to another character or one action that you do in a different way will change the entire story. You’ll be able to choose the friends you want as well as the enemies that you make. Options are available for you to write customized stories instead of only playing the ones that are offered when you download Episode.


  • Customize your avatar with a variety of outfits and hairstyles
  • Any kind of relationship can be developed with other characters
  • Choices made impact the outcome of the story
  • Thousands of storylines to develop


  • New stories added all the time
  • Details easy to read before making a decision
  • Earn gems to exchange for extra items
  • View stories on a shelf when complete


  • Some choices are only available for purchase
  • Updates can make the game slow
  • Tickets have a limit for each story


This is an app that you likely won’t be able to stop playing. With stories that include finding the love of your life, having a baby, or becoming a princess, you can spend hours making decisions and changing the path of your character’s life with a simple choice. There is an option to interact with friends from social media pages so that you have someone to play within the stories. Once your story is complete, there is a bookshelf where you can store it so that you can read it later.


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