Dragon City Mobile App Review

Dragon City app is an all-ages game where the user breeds dragons and tries to gain power by feeding their beasts and expanding territories on the map. A fun game for any member of the family to enjoy.

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Mobile App Review For Dragon City

Dragon City is a strategy game that lets you press onto several different activities throughout the game. Navigate through Dragon City by breeding dragons, cultivating food for them, earning gold as well as claiming new territories by battling other dragons. As you grow to power, however, the game continues to get more challenging and complex. Upon entering, you proceed to see a mystical setting of dragons, castles, pumpkins, and also gold where you fend for yourself after a short tutorial. With tons of different dragons to breed, you’ll have fun gaining territory and power with this creative game.


  • Buy and sell dragons
  • Buy features
  • Feed dragon
  • Cultivate food
  • Claim new territory
  • Battle other dragons

With lots of options and different ways to grow to power in the game, there are many alternatives to what activities to participate in order to be successful in the dragon world. The tutorial at the beginning of the game teaches you the basics in order to get started. After about five minutes of tutorials, you’re then on your own in the dragon kingdom. To download Dragon City, simply go to the app store in order to download it for free.


  • Colorful images
  • Fun for kids
  • Good time killer

I feel like this game would be a great one for younger kids with nothing else to do. Anyone who has an imaginative brain that gets sucked into fantasy will love breeding dragons and creating a powerful kingdom of mystical creatures. I will encourage a friend to download Dragon City if I ever end up in a situation where there is time to be killed.


  • Kind of boring
  • Purchasing trap
  • Not very interactive

Although Dragon City has good graphics and imaging, it lacks any sort of interactivity or mini-games where the user has to do something. It can be boring to play because it is not challenging your fingers or your brain to do something. I almost accidentally bought a new dragon for $1.99, which I feel is kind of a trap for the developers to make money. However, download Dragon City today to see what you think of it.


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