Cooking Diary Mobile App Review

The Cooking Diary app is fun for all ages and gives everyone in your family the chance to become the top chef with the best recipes. You are given the opportunity to create and design your restaurants so your chef style matches your personality. Not only do you get to design your restaurants, but you also get to purchase and try on different outfits so you can look stylish while preparing your meals.

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Mobile App Review for Cooking Diary

After you download Cooking Diary to your device, you will be able to start designing and building restaurants. As you progress in the game you will be able to purchase upgrades from tips you earn and money you get from completing new recipes.

Once you start getting used to the Cooking Diary app, start competing in competitions within other chef guilds. In the competitions, you will play against other chefs in hopes to sit at the top spot. You can also earn prizes for your hard work and efforts. To show off your new chef skills, you can link the app to your social media page where you can share new recipes with friends and family. If your friends decide to join the Cooking Diary, you can start sending and receiving gifts such as coins or ingredients to make the perfect dish for new customers to go crazy about.


  • Compete in competition with other chefs in the guilds.
  • Decorate your own restaurant just the way you want!
  • Play as well as cook with your friends through social media.


  • Tutorial at the beginning of the game in order to help you start out.
  • Multi-player option available.
  • Free updates to the game.


  • Apps will not disappear until you make an in-app purchase.
  • Rubies are rare and hard to earn in the game.
  • No shutting off in-app purchases.

Find Out How Great of a Chef You Are With The Cooking Diary!

The Cooking Diary gives you a deeper look into the life of a chef. It also puts into perspective all the efforts they put into designing their very own restaurant. Once you download Cooking Diary and start getting the hang of how a kitchen works, you can start competing with other players online including friends from your social media. The cooking Diary is completely free to download and in-app purchases are available if you are in need of rubies or extra coins to help make upgrades on your restaurant. The app is easy to play and even offers you a tutorial to help get used to the way a restaurant works and how to satisfy customers with the best recipes on the menu.


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