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Bridge Constructor is a continuous construction-based video game. ClockStone developed this game; however, it is published and powered by Headup Games. In every level, a player is tasked to construct a bridge across valleys, rivers, or raving with different constructing materials, limited by space and the purchasing budget. The goal of every series is to construct a durable and robust bridge that can withstand heavy trucks and cars, which are continually crossing to the other side.

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About Bridge Constructor Free App

As a player, while playing bridge constructor games, you must prove to be a master bridge builder by accomplishing the given task to unlock other levels. You will have to play 40 given levels of bridge constructor download game and design bridges across valleys, rivers, and canals. The game tests reveal your skills by building a durable bridge that can withstand the weight of heavy trucks, cars, and super-heavy trucks passing over it.

While playing, you only choose the materials to use for each bridge ranging from steel, concrete pillars, cables, and wood. The secret of building a perfect bridge is to plan and stick within a budget as well as consider using the appropriate building materials. The choices of different building materials show that there exist several approaches and solutions; therefore, you can design and build your bridge in different ways. The only limitation is your budget. The redefined grid system challenges you to come up with several different plans of the perfect bridge in a more precise way. And in case you are stuck, you can seek for valuable demo tips from the latest upgraded help system. Let your imagination and creativity run free with bridge constructor download!


  • More than 40 levels in the Camatuga island (Full version)
  • High score awarded after every level
  • You can Connect with Facebook (share bridge screenshots together with ratings).
  • There is a variety of loading equipment on different levels, which include trucks, cars, and tank trucks.
  • It has an upgraded grid system.
  • High Definition load indicators for different building materials coded with different colors.
  • It is equipped with four different constructing materials; cables, wood, concrete pillars, and steel.
  • Five different locations in the settings; beach, hills, mountains, and city
  • A map that unlocks after completing every level.
  • Free build mode with the new help system.

Pros of This Game

  • Unique, fun physics features
  • Well design cartoon graphics
  • Lots of hour of content
  • Music that matches the mood of the game
  • Interesting and challenging gameplay
  • Easy to learn, but takes time to master.

Cons of This Game

  • Limited to only four building materials
  • Hard to control while playing with some devices such as PS4 controller

Why You Should Download Bridge Constructor Free App

If you are looking for something to keep you active and engaged after long hours of work or during your free time, then the bridge constructor free app game should be your take. The game is easy, fun, and addictive. It is also well-designed, with a simple interface for mobile users. It meets its goal by providing the easy to learn but hard to master the experience, and as you play through different levels, you will learn new methods of constructing your bridge. There are only four materials to build your bridge with, but there are a lot of different ways that you can structure these materials to design your bridge. The unique physics engine also adds the product’s value.


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