WWE Champions 2019 Mobile App Review

Have you constantly wanted to play as of your favorite WWE wrestlers? With the new and improved WWE Champions App, you will be capable of playing as one of those professional wrestlers and be crowned a champion. I am going to take some time and discuss the details of this app.

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Mobile App Review for WWE Champions 2019
WWE Champions 2019 is a role-playing gaming app that was developed by Scopely. The mobile app has a 4.0 rating in the Google Play Store and a 4.4 rating in the Apple App Store. When players get to play WWE Champions 2019, they will be capable of playing as one of many WWE Superstars and Legends in the ring. Talented players will be able to spend a relentless amount of time competing with other WWE Superstars and strive to become a WWE Champion. As of right now, over 30 million people have found interest in playing this game. Over 85% of them are extremely pleased with how this app is different from previous mobile games. This app contains some excellent, superb graphics with some absolutely amazing gameplay. While you get to play WWE Champions for the first time, you will learn this is a puzzle game where you have to collect points. The more points you collect, the better the chances for your superstar wrestler to connect on his or her moves. You will also get to experience modes that can steer you to the top of the WWE Champions Leaderboard.


  • VIP Membership Offers With A 7-Day Free Trial
  • Play Single Player And Multiplayer Modes
  • Play As Some Of The All-time Greats
  • Unlock New WWE Superstars Every Month.
  • High-quality Animations And Graphics
  • Play Your Role That Includes Training And Customization
  • Experience Quick Ring Action
  • In-App Purchase Offers That Can Upgrade Your Superstar
  • Watch Exclusive Videos Of Your Favorite WWE Superstars
  • Be Part Of The WWE Universe


  • A Great Puzzle Game With Wrestling Action
  • Being Able To Play As One Of The WWE Legends Like The Rock And The Undertaker
  • Colorful Graphics
  • It Can Be An Addicting, Time Consuming Role Playing Game
  • Brilliant Controls That Involves Strategy
  • An Enjoyable Challenging Game


  • Inevitably require Over 215 Megabytes Of Data Storage.
  • Recent Update Has Caused Performance Issues
  • Rightfully earn The Same Rewards Almost Every Single Time.
  • Reinstalling The App Can Be Frustrating
  • Too Many Glitches And Crashes On Apple And Android Devices
  • Not Worth Putting Your Money On
  • Not All In-App Purchases Will Go Through


This WWE Champions App is undoubtedly a fun and addicting role-playing mobile app. It allows talented players to be able to collect points and carefully observe their favorite wrestler to take down his or her fierce opponent. You will be able to play as almost any WWE Superstar that you want. If you like to play as a WWE Legend, then you can discover them in the app. If you like to play as a current WWE Superstar, then you can find those wrestlers as well. When you play WWE Champions 2019, you can become a Champion and a Legend merely by collecting points and outscoring your fierce opponents. Remember, this mobile app is more than just a casual wrestling game. It is justly ranked as if not one of the best, but THE best WWE game ever.


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