The Tiger Mobile App Review

Loaded with some amazing graphics, this app will make you feel as though you are right there, in the midst of the jungle. The Lion is supposed to be King of the Jungle, you can prove that statement wrong. This is an online simulator where you can become the king or the hero.

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The Details About The Tiger

In an amazingly realistic online simulator, the player literally becomes The Tiger. Roam through the jungle, the forests and hunt for prey. This is so realistic you may forget it is a game. You begin by developing your character, there are upgrades and improvements throughout the game. Upgrade and improve your hunting skills, so that you can get the enemy or the prey faster, with less hunting. You have the choice of which Tiger you want to be; the Asian tiger, the Golden Tiger or the White Tiger. They are all fierce and competitive and you will make your tiger the strongest and then the leader of the pack.

There are different modes you can play in. You can challenge your own capabilities and go player versus player. In PVP, you will fight against a team of enemy tigers. In the co-op play, you can join in with family or friends, other tigers, and play as a team to hunt and conquer the larger jungle and forest animals. The 3D graphics can immerse you in the real world of jungle and forest. The beauty is amazing and so realistic. As you hunt, you will chase your own destiny to be King.

Immersible Features

There are few games that can take you from your living room directly into the forest just by starting a game. When you download the Tiger, you are transporting yourself to the heart of the jungle. Although it is a simulation game, the Tiger app will become your home and also your den. The Tiger app will surprise you because there are so many things to enjoy in this simulator.

  • 3D Graphics
  • Realistic animals and also scenes
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Realistic animal combat
  • Different playing modes

When you are the leader of the pack, your streak will follow you. They do your bidding as you all hunt together to defeat the enemies and stalk and kill your prey.

The Pros and The Cons


  • The app is easy to use and has smooth gameplay
  • You actually feel as though you are part of the jungle
  • Very few ads to interrupt gameplay


  • There may be times during player versus player where the screen will momentarily freeze

In this truly immersive and realistic gameplay success lies in front of you. You can become the King and rule over the jungles and forests. Also, hunting your prey becomes natural to you. Invite family and friends to become a part of your streak. Download The Tiger and become the King now.


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