Shadow Fight 3 Mobile App Review

Are you interested in a mobile game that involves some brutal sword fighting in a continuing sequel? Well, now you can become a fighter of your own because the third sequel of this fighting game has been launched. This review will be explaining a role-playing, ninja fighting game called Shadow Fight 3.

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Mobile App Review for Shadow Fight 3

This incredible mobile fighting app was sufficiently developed by Nekki Limited and they took this ninja fighting sequel to a new level. This mobile app includes some crazy action where you get to fight like a ninja warrior who is on a quest to defeat the enemy who wants to destroy a powerful and profitable energy source to someone important. It will also be your duty to keep the energy source from falling into the crooked hands.

You can also enter the enemy’s side and destroy the energy source yourself, however, you’ll have to defeat the protector’s strong ninja warriors. You will be able to fight in three various fighting styles while traveling around in some odd places. Show off your skills by developing your own unique attacks and signature moves. By the time you complete your journey, the action will not stop there. You can take your ninja warrior and take on other online players who have a ninja warrior of their own. You will also be able to work your way to becoming one of the top ninja fighters in the world.


  • Create A Ninja Fighter Of Your Own
  • Join The Shadow Fighting Community
  • Strive To Be On The Top-100 Leaderboard
  • Compete With Other Online Ninja Fighters
  • Fight With Three Different Fighting Styles
  • Fight Against The Toughest Bosses In The Game
  • Prepare For An Epic Battle Between Ninja Fighters


  • Cool 3D Fighting Action
  • Nice Shadow Powering Moves
  • The Weapons And Armor Are Well-Defined
  • The Fight Styles Are Awesome And Quick
  • Better Than The First Two Fighting Games
  • Pretty Good Selection Of Weapons And Armor
  • The Rewards Are Quite Useful During Fights
  • A Great Fighting Game For Advanced Players
  • Download Shadow Fight 3 Without Paying A Penny


  • Unfair Advantage In Duals Mode
  • Does Have Internet Connecting Issues
  • Final Bosses Are Almost Impossible To Defeat
  • Requires You To Synchronize Your Google Account
  • Eventually Expects You To Pay For In-App Purchases
  • The More Advanced Weapons And Armor Are Hard To Get
  • Must-Have A Strong Internet Connection Because Offline Mode is Unavailable


Allow me to explain to you how this game can be fun to play before you promptly decide to download Shadow Fight 3. Overall, this fighting app is great for those who enjoy ninja fighting action and quests that involve defeating bosses. The graphics are very nice, and the gameplay is smooth. This mobile app is mostly skill-based, and you can choose your side regardless of what the goal is. The touchscreen controls are right on point without any possible delays or glitches.

To conclude, this fighting game may remind you of those previous Shaolin Monks movies where they fight to defeat the enemy or defend a certain piece of property. If you passionately love engaging in this type of samurai ninja fighting style, then you feel free to download the mobile app whenever you are equipped to be on their Top-100 Leaderboard.



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