Pokémon Quest Mobile App Review

Pokemon Quest is an app developed by Game Freak which has allowed fans of the franchise to experience it in a new way and spread it to a wider audience in the world. Although it seems to be mainly targeted toward children, the content is enjoyable for all ages.

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Pokemon Quest – An In-Depth Review

The game Pokemon Quest is based in a block-style world, where Pokemon have turned into cube forms and transported to a place called Tumblecube Island. It might seem childish at first glance but, much like other games in the franchise, the story goes much deeper and thus appeals to a wide range of people. Players collect Pokemon as they progress through the levels and manage them by placing them in either the base camp or their party. They then go on expeditions or training missions to level up their Pokemon.

Many aspects of Pokemon Quest are indicative of the main series game but it gives the added benefit of being completely mobile. It provides a unique story and play style that lovers of the series will find very fresh. What the game lacks in depth it more than makes up for in charm and seeing familiar faces in the form of blocks alone makes the experience worthy of the download. Children and adults, fans and newly interested individuals alike will find this game lighthearted and fun for hours on end.


  • Numerous expeditions and trading experiences.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Well designed models and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds combine to make a beautiful world.
  • New items, locations and (of course) looks for fan-favorite Pokemon.


  • The game is completely mobile and free to use with access to the App Store is the only requirement.
  • It provides a fresh spin on the Pokemon franchise in a well-designed world.
  • Beautiful design that can be seen in the Pokemon, items, and general user interface of the game.
  • The controls are straight forward (making the game accessible to people of all ages).


  • Playing on a phone makes for lower quality graphics when compared to systems like the Nintendo Switch.
  • Only the Kanto region Pokemon make an appearance.
  • The game has a limited number of levels and depth of story when compared to main series games.

Millions of people have already downloaded Pokemon Quest and that number refuses to slow. The game has continued to gain popularity, becoming a world-famous expedition-style RPG. If the popularity is not enough of a reason to download Pokemon Quest, the pros of the game certainly should not be overlooked. The game is free to play and provides hours of enjoyment regardless of demographics. When deciding to download Pokemon Quest, you should consider that it provides an excellent escape into the world of Pokemon whether you have been a lifelong fan or are new to the series.


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