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  • WWE Champions 2019

    Have you constantly wanted to play as of your favorite WWE wrestlers? With the new and improved WWE Champions App, you will be capable of playing as one of those professional wrestlers and be crowned a champion. I am going to take some time and discuss the details of this app.
  • The Wolf

    Wolves are some of nature's most majestic animals, so it's fitting that a mobile game that lets you live life as a wolf would feature some of the digital world's most majestic graphics. Fresh from the creative minds at Swift Apps LTD., The Wolf is an online multiplayer wolf simulator game that lets you hunt and collaborate with other players in packs to rule the forest.
  • The Tiger

    Loaded with some amazing graphics, this app will make you feel as though you are right there, in the midst of the jungle. The Lion is supposed to be King of the Jungle, you can prove that statement wrong. This is an online simulator where you can become the king or the hero.
  • Summoners War

    Summoners War is a mobile app. It is a massively multiplayer online game that features turn-based strategy. It was released on June 12, 2014, and since that time has been downloaded more than 100 million times. People can download Summoners War on both Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Shadow Fight 3

    Are you interested in a mobile game that involves some brutal sword fighting in a continuing sequel? Well, now you can become a fighter of your own because the third sequel of this fighting game has been launched. This review will be explaining a role-playing, ninja fighting game called Shadow Fight 3.
  • RAID: Shadow Legends

    Raid Shadow of Legends is a mobile gacha roleplaying game that was released on February 28, 2019. The game involves collecting heroes, making teams out of them, and fighting monsters. There are many customization options and the story is fully-voiced. You can download Raid Shadow of Legends on Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Quest

    Pokemon Quest is an app developed by Game Freak which has allowed fans of the franchise to experience it in a new way and spread it to a wider audience in the world. Although it seems to be mainly targeted toward children, the content is enjoyable for all ages.
  • MARVEL Strike Force

    When you download and play the Marvel Strike Force game, you become part of the Marvel Universe where an attack has been launched on Earth and the Marvel Villains and Heroes have to fight together to stop these new enemies.
  • Game of Thrones: Conquest

    GoT Conquest brings the battle for the Iron Throne to life in this action-packed game. Dragons fill the skies and the great houses fight with each other with the danger of the army of the dead looming. Based on the HBO Series Game of Thrones.
  • Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

    Star Wars is one of the most popular movie and entertainment franchises of all time. Over the past 40 years, it has released nearly 10 movies, video games, action figures, and many other options for fans of the series. For those that love Star Wars, the new Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes application could be a great option.

Showing 1–10 of 11 results